Saturday, March 24, 2012

iPhone moments

So for some odd reason, my memory card to my camera says it's corrupted and won't work. Awesome. So I couldn't take pictures for the past little while, so thank goodness for my phone! I felt so lost! I needed to take some pictures! I finally bought a new memory card yesterday, yay! We also registered the 3 older girls in outdoor soccer, i'm so beyond excited for them since I missed it last year and felt so sad about it.

The snow NEEDS to leave!! I want to do Kyla's and Laken's pictures outside before their birthdays but the way this is going, I won't be able too, and I already have cute outfits bought that aren't snow approved! Can you believe in two weeks Laken will be ONE!!?? I had a mom moment today realizing she isn't my little baby anymore along with some tears. It could also be PMS but whatever.

Laken's getting a new stroller for her birthday! Yay! Best parents ever right? Like she cares and we'll get her a toy or something on the side. It's this one. I have a sit and stand right now and it's too big and I don't need the "sit" spot anymore and just want something lighter and better for summer for ONE baby. Weird. I do miss my train double stroller. ha nope, nevermind, that was a lie. I do NOT miss that huge heavy solid metal thing. Although I did cry when we sold it. Lots of memories came with it so I had a hard time letting it go.

Anyways enough of me, sometimes I could write forever...

Here are some iphone pics of the past week or so!

Laken gets a lot of attention from her older sisters. She loves it.

Dustin sent me this picture when I was in Portland. I can't stop laughing every time I see it.

Everything goes in the mouth. Even Dora. I'm the awesome mom who takes a picture before removing the choking hazard from the baby's mouth. I couldn't get over the feet hanging out. So funny.

Kyla had wacky hair day! I loved it. I used this color bug hair color, by Kevin Murphy. It's awesome and she loved it! We were going for the new Lola Loopsy doll look she wanted, with a twist!

Laken found this random soother and knew exactly what it did! She was not a soother baby!

My almost 6 year old ready for a birthday party. Love her.

This is her new smile. Cracks me up every time.

My parents went through some old pics. This me who know when. I've never seen this pic before, so hot. Especially my lipstick. ha!

Check out little miss's new tooth! She is also getting all 4 in and one more on the bottom, they are all coming!

And that's all for now.
Dustin just got home with my Boston Pizza tai bites, delicious. I'm going to eat and sweat because I hate spicy but they are so good, I suffer through it. It's worth it.

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