Saturday, March 03, 2012


This week has been BORING! We didn't leave the house and haven't done anything exciting. You might say, "Well then leave the house Mindy!"
Um, no. I'd rather stay home and be bored to be honest. I love to stay home in my sweats and not have to worry about getting everyone dressed and out the door in the winter. So we stay home. Ya i'm a good mom like that. But honestly, if they are happy at home it makes them appreciate life without having to go and do something every day. They are pretty happy too and play together all the time. It's great. I can't wait until it's warmer and the snow is gone though! We will be outside EVERYDAY this summer. No jackets and the girls can throw on their own flip flops and no carseat to haul out either because she'll be out of it! Pure heaven.
I was walking into my house from the van the other day carrying the carseat AND holding the twins hands and Kyla walking beside me and a lady actually stopped and pulled over to say, "You have your hands full!" ha. I thought about how crazy I must look and it's true, my hands are VERY full. Obviously I get that a lot.

Dustin and I were looking at an old album on facebook when the twins were 15 months old and we went to Penticton for summer holidays. Camping. In a tent. Were we crazy?! We got a good laugh out of remembering how much work it was back then and it stressed me out just thinking about what our life was like when the twins were that little. It's funny how you don't realize what you actually go through or how much work it actually is until you look back on it.
Speaking of, Laken is at the stage where she follows me everywhere and climbs up on my legs. It brings back nightmares of when the twins were this age. Ugh, that was brutal.

So there is something i've been meaning to blog about.
Remember when I had hyperthyroidism (overactive Thyroid) after having the twins? They were about 8 months old when I found out and I was really skinny. Like under 100lbs skinny. So I went on meds for that. Well right before I found out I was pregnant with Laken, I started gaining a few pounds. Which for me is not normal so I got my blood done again and this time I had Hypothyroidism (UNDERactive thyroid). Ugh. I wasn't too concerned because you can go on meds etc. BUT majority of the time you are like this for the rest of your life and there isn't a cure for it. I thought I was too young to have to already be on meds for the rest of my life for something. It kind of sucked. So when I got pregnant with Laken I actually got it into my head that this pregnancy WILL put my thyroid back to normal. They told me sometimes pregnancy can throw your thyroid off and that's probably why it was like that after having the twins. So after I had Laken, I went off my pills. I didn't even think about it, I just knew I would be back to normal. I had no doubts. Seriously. So just after Christmas I went for some blood work on my thyroid to get it checked. Obviously i'm not regular with my blood work like I should be, oops, but I felt fine and if something is off when it comes to my thyroid I can tell. So my blood work came back and it was NORMAL! I honestly wasn't that shocked, it's like I knew! I am so relieved and happy I don't have to be on pills anymore. It's the craziest thing but it's awesome. YAY!

So our days have been pretty boring this week. Usually I look forward to my nightly shows and even they are boring. ie: BACHELOR. What the. I think I fast forwarded pretty much the whole show. It was so slow and Ben is SO boring. I am excited for Emily's season of the Bachelorette though!
Anyways, so because we are home a lot lately I turn off the tv during the day and listen to the radio. We get Edmonton's station on our PVR so it has all the hits and the girls know all the songs, it's hilarious. We dance a lot and the girls just stare at me when I dance, they must be in awe of how awesome I am.

Anyways, here are a few daily pics. I've been trying to pull out my camera more instead of just using my cell. Iphones are so convenient! 

Kyla giving everyone makeovers

Laken standing on everything she can, she even lets go for a few seconds!

The twins always think Laken is attacking them. This picture is my favorite. ha


Getting my make up done.

Picture taken by Kyla, which I love.

So i'm leaving next Friday to Portland! On a plane. By myself! I'm SO excited! I've never been on a plane, except the air ambulance but I was drugged and pretty much passed out so that doesn't count. So i'm nervous but can't wait to have some ME time, with no kids and no husband. I read it's healthy to get away from your spouse... baha. Love you Dust!
I'm taking Steph's engagement photos which I am super excited for because i've never done engagements before. It'll be so fun. Plus a TON of sister time!! I am counting down the days!!


Rini Asmiyati said...

i just envy with your life, family and your beautiful daughters. I'm 15 y.o and i feel nobody love me, i hope someday i will find my happiness just like you :)

Lisa and Ryan said...

AW that pic of you and Laken is so adorable! and don't worry... boring is good every once in a while lol. how did you get your pictures bigger like that???

Janas Bananas said...

I like being boring too, one of my favorite things about winter is being inside cuddled up in my joggers warm and cozy.

Glad to hear your thyroid is doing good, my mom had hers taken out and was left with 10% of it when she was 21. She took pills everyday of her life, and I know her weight was a stuggle her who life because of it. Hopefully it stays at normal levels for you.