Thursday, June 09, 2011

Steph's grad!

My youngest sister Stephanie had her grad this last week! It was so much fun and she looked gorgeous in her big pink dress! All thanks to me though, since I did her hair and makeup. ha. Steph is so beautiful inside and out and whoever marries this girl in the future, emphasis on FUTURE, is one lucky man. It was the busiest week ever. We stayed at Jeff and Britt's and had so much fun seeing everyone. All my sisters were there and it was so awesome seeing them and my parents!

See. She is gorgeous!

The girls!

Me, mom, Steph, Britt, Krist

Steph and Dad

The whole fam

Dust and I at the ceremonies

Other random pictures from the week...

The girls getting ready to go into the hot tub!

Kyla and Laynie, she loves her.

Great Gma Purnell and Laken

Great Gpa Purnell

Adorable Deklin, this kid is way too cute!

Grandma Petersen, Presley, Jayci and Kyla

Sleep over at Gma's house!

We went to Taber for a couple days after the grad to see Dustin's parents but my battery died on my camera and smart me forgot the charger. So I only got 3 pictures in total. Sucky. But we had fun and it was actually hot and sunny on the Sunday while we were there instead of pouring rain like it's been. We must have brought our warm weather with us! It's been so nice here other than the smoke from the fires. But it's been in the 20's every day! (Except for a couple days while we were down south it was colder but who cares because we weren't here!)

So we took the kids to the park one day, Haley made them all kites, Dustin took them on rides on the lawn mower, we went to the Purple Cow which is an ice cream place that Dustin's parents used to own in Taber, and they also played outside a lot!

So here are the 3 pictures.



And me and Laken.

Dustin's sister Jody took a picture of us at the purple cow on her phone so i'm waiting for her to send it to me and I took a pic of the lawn mower rides on Britt's camera, since she forgot it in my purse, thanks Britt!

So it was fun! It's always good to get home though, back into the routine of things. We half celebrated the twins birthday before we left and need to actually celebrate it, so that's next!


Janas Bananas said...

So my comments have been working the last few days so here is hoping this one will post.

Look at all you girls, all grown up now, I remember when you I think were 14 and I taught Stephanie in achievment days! Times flies way too fast!! ANd that baby of yours fits right in with the rest of them for sure.

Amie said...

Oh Steph is sooo beautiful!! Looks like you guys had such a good weekend with all the kids gathered!!

The Harker Family said...

Great pics! Steph looks fabulous! It almost looks like a wedding and she's getting married! Ha, ha, ha! I love how the twins are hiding their belly buttons in the pic of them in their bathing suits. So funny!

Lynn said...

Congrats to your sister on her newest mile stone!

Theres is nothing like having entire families around to help celebrate milestones. And a beautiful family at that! ; D

Gorgeous pink dress. Love it. And it's modest too. Total bonus!!

Meagan M said...

YIKES! I can NOT believe Steph is old enough to graduate! She looked gorgeous though! You're whole family looked gorgeous! It's awesome that you could all be there too!

cooler said...

Great post! i really like tour post and stephanie is so beautiful. I enjoy to see the picture of your gathering. Thanks for sharing.

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