Sunday, June 26, 2011


For those of you who are like me and out of the loop of the latest coolest things. I just found out Pinterest is it!
I'm addicted. It's so simple.
ie: You like something online (a tutorial, a hairstyle, home decor, anything!) you click on a tab in your toolbar called "pin it" it shows every picture from that page your on, you click the photo, you pin it and it saves with a photo on your page and will link right back to that page when you want to go to it! If it sounds confusing, then forget you. Just kidding. But, it's like bookmarking a page you like but way cuter and simpler.

Annnyways, you can go check out mine to see what I mean but I want to let you all in on this because I wish I would of found it sooner. You can follow mine if you'd like, I just started.

Your welcome. Again.


The little mermaid said...

Just wanted to say you have an amazing beautiful family :) Ive been following your blog for a few weeks now, I'm almost 14, I love reading blogs about families because I want my own husband and kids so much but I'm not old enough. I already have someone ready to be my husband in 10 years, and we talk about kids and we both love your blog and hoping our futures hopefully along the lines of how your life is now :)
My blog
:) Goodluck for your many years to come :)

ashley said...

This is such a neat website!! I cant believe I havn't seen it before! I requested an invite from te site?! Does it take them long to respond?

Your girls are just the cutest things ever!

Alison said...

Hey Mindy! Just wondering how to get an invite. Could you invite me? This looks awesome!

Francis Family said...

just put in your email when it says request an invite and they'll send you one to your email. I think it took about a day for mine. Have fun!!