Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catch up

I'm sitting here on my couch with strep throat, so what better thing to do but catch up on the latest random things! But first let me tell you about the idiot doctor that wouldn't give me the time of day 3 days ago when I had no choice but to go to the hospital to get checked. You see, in Fort Mac the wait to see a doctor could be a week or so, and it was, when I woke up feeling like crap with a sore throat and the night before I had hives on my arms I knew I had to go in sooner. So I went in to emerg, which we all know how much I love to do, and he took forever (as usual). So he came in and and said, "go see your family doctor and get allergy tested." seriously? he said to keep taking some reactine, so I asked if I could even take reactine while nursing, he said "call your pharmacist and ask" What?!?! He didn't know that?? How did he get his degree? He didn't look at my throat or anything, so I told him that and I maybe thought I could have strep or something also, and he said "well I guess i could take a swab" then he left and said it wasn't an emergency and to go home. RUDE. I was almost bursting into tears I was so sick, and I had Laken with me and I was by myself. Anyways so today I was feeling worse, so I went to my family doctor and he actually got the results this morning and looked at my throat and said, "oh wow, you are really sick" Well duh, I knew that. So he put me on a load of antibiotics, thank goodness. I've been suffering for 3 days in pain!
Ok i'm done venting now. But isn't that doctor retarded?? All I know is the next time he comes in to help me in emerg, because we all know there will be a next time, i'll kick him out and tell him he sucks.
That's all.

So! What's next?
We kind of celebrated the twins birthday way back when. I feel so bad. We were going to have a big picnic with some friends but Dustin ended up working so we had a picnic still the day of their birthday with our friends but none of our husbands were there. They loved it though. We did have ice cream that night with Dustin and they opened a gift. Then we bought them bikes and we have one present we bought forever ago and still have to give it to them. Ya we really suck this time. Oh well at least they are young and don't really care.
It may have been a little bright out.

Ice cream with dad!

I got a new calling! I'm on the Relief Society Meetings committee, and i'm excited about it. I love planning things. It's what I do! I actually planned the activity for TONIGHT and can't even go! Sucky deal.

So on Saturday guess what I did? I took all 4 girls BY MYSELF to the big festival down at Mac Island. I am crazy. I don't want to use the excuse of having 4 kids to miss out on stuff. I hate that. They loved it and by the end I was so done, ha. It was crazy in there but it was 20 bucks for a family, or 5 bucks per person, and no one is free not even Laken, AND the adults have to pay (you know how we all jump in the bouncy castles and fish in the fish pond for prizes). So we were getting our money's worth. We went with Becky and her kids. We survived and that's all that matters. 
Face painting! We got in line right away because I knew it would be nuts, and it was. Smart mom I am.
Jayci (purple shirt) wasn't a fan of the obstacle courses.

The end. For now.


Jennie Holt said...

seriously i hate doctors! so frustrating! but you are a rockstar for taking all your girls!! and love the big pictures ;)

The Harker Family said...

What a retarded doctor! I hear ya! There are some at Urgent Care here too! I cna't believe you took the girls yourself to the festival! You are amazing. Oh and you look fabulous for just having a baby! Wow!

Lynn said...

Get better soon!

And yeah......I would get a copy of my results and keep them to "nicely" show the emerg doctor the next time I went in....with a nice little thank you note for taking the swab.....cause it proved just how sick were. ; D

Just sayin. And that's just me.

Amie said...

WOW what a dumb Doctor! Your girls are all so cute, and I'm amazed how long Jacie and Presleys hair is already! It's great you take all 4 girls out.

Rini's Blog said...

Always waiting for your new entri! Love ya! :)