Saturday, May 14, 2011


So i'm not going to lie, we suck at food storage.

We have about 6 cases of Campbells soup, and a million cases of ichiban because Dustin seems to think we eat it ("we" means "I" by the way) and buys it whenever it's on sale but it never gets cooked because well, who does the cooking mostly? me. Also a few other random things we just buy extra's of.

So with everything going on in the world we've been told to get our food storage going. But honestly why haven't we? (as in Dustin and I)


1. We don't know where to start

2. What or how much to store

3. How to afford it (we have a posse of kids to feed as it is and food storage isn't cheap)

4. and How to use it

Ironically my dad told me about the freeze dried food storage, which i've never heard of. Like I said I suck at it and know nothing. So there is this company called Shelf Reliance and it carries the brand THRIVE foods, it's all freeze dried food storage and it's awesome. I'm sure some of you have heard of it, or even have some of it. There company is based on those 4 points I mentioned and makes it so easy to get your food storage going or added to. It's also, get this, AFFORDABLE. Now your speaking my language. I can also tell you how to get it cheaper than wholesale! Yes please.

The thing with freeze dried also is it lasts 20-30 years unopened, and up to 2 years opened! That's huge. It's also amazing stuff, and it tastes great! I've tried it. It has the same nutrients as if you were to eat the same foods fresh because they freeze dry it immediately.

So I have actually decided to become a consultant for them and get the word out there for this food storage. The big deal is really soon they are coming to Canada with their products, which is the first country other than the States. So it's going to be huge as soon as it does. There is also an opportunity for anyone who wants to, to become a consultant themselves and share with their friends and family.

There is so much more about this company and the products they carry that I love! I won't turn this into a novel but I'm way excited!!

I can't wait to get our food storage going for our family finally and i'm excited to help people get signed up to be able to order it online in Canada AND for such a great price. You can also sign up right now if you live in the States and order it today!

So I just wanted to tell you what i've been up to lately and if you want to learn more about it (which you do) email me! You want to get it on this before it goes live too, which is anywhere from 3-8 weeks and I can tell you why if you want to message me...


or facebook me.

See. Their labels are even cute.



kelsey said...

I have a bunch of their stuff, you're right, it's great. I was actually going to become a consultant last summer, but it just got too expensive to keep up! I love the concept, but it's hard to spend that much every single month on food storage (having a Q). Now I just add stuff to my sister-in-laws Q if I want anything, so I don't have to keep mine and pay for shipping! lol. . . cheater, I know. Down here, you can buy food storage at wal-mart now, which is crazy!!!

The freeze-dried fruit is amazing, I give it to Norah for snacks during the winter when fruit is more expensive.

It's a great place to start. I heard about it when there were only 300 consultants. . . it's really blowing up!!! Good luck with it.

Lynn said...

; D My daughter and I just became consultants for THRIVE as well.

David and Cheryl said...

You can also purchase it at the Calgary and Cardston bookstores!
The fruit is delicious and works just like fresh!
I've been using mine for awhile now and I just love it!