Monday, May 02, 2011

Laken's Blessing & Easter

Ok i'm taking a couple minutes to finally blog. I've been putting it off lately because it takes so long to upload photos and I have over 400 too choose from and we've had company keeping us busy over the last two weeks and plus I might be a little busy adjusting to life with a new baby...

We decided to cram Easter and Laken's blessing all into one weekend. Smart I know. Dustin's whole family and my whole family, excluding Kristy and Brandon, came up over the Easter holidays. Jill had Dustin's family staying at her house and mine stayed at ours. We had Mom, Dad, Steph, Jeff, Britt, Laynie, Gma and Gpa Purnell at our house, and Jill's house had Mom and Dad Francis, Gma Yuill, Gma Francis, Denim, Jody, Haley and Esiah. It was busy but I loved having all the company and family here. It rarely happens so I took it all in and tried to enjoy every minute. Me and the girls had to go and get sick though! I thought I was going to die. I had the sore throat, achy body, etc. and the girls had fevers and colds. It sucked and i'm still trying to get over it, but we still had fun. Mom and Grandma went nuts in my house helping me get organized so that was awesome. We colored eggs, had Easter morning, went swimming (well not me) rolled easter eggs down the hill, had the blessing and blessing dinner and also just hung out. We did a lot.

The girls Easter morning

Presley, Kyla, Jayci, and Laynie

Coloring egss

I may or may not have passed out in the chair in the viewing area, and my family may or may not have taken a hideous picture... no it will not be shown. It's that hideous.

Laken's blessing was perfect. Dustin did so good and it was so nice having so much family up here supporting us. She looked beautiful in her little dress, and was the best little baby all weekend, and still is.

Blessing Day

The Petersen Family

The Francis Family

Our family of 6!

My pretty girl

These are just a few photos from the weekend. If your lucky enough to be my friend on facebook, there is lots more on there.
Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great weekend with us!


Ashley said...

It really is so fun to have so much family around! It looks like you had a marvelous weekend. That Laken is a beauty!

Jordana said...

That's brutal you guys were all sick, it seems like that always happens when everyone gets together. I love your girls Easter dresses, and Laken is such a cutie! It must be kind of nice to have life start to go back to "normal" again. :)

The Bagley Family said...

Lovely pictures!!!