Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What have we been up to?

Well I looked back at the pictures we've taken lately to see what we've been doing and all I found were these.

Yes they are all sleeping pictures, and yes Presley has a candy hanging out of her mouth in the last one. Oh that's also her who HAD to go to bed with the sunglasses on, she is right passed out.

Yup it's super exciting around here. Obviously.

I was house bound for a week last week because our power steering went on our van and it took a week to get in and get it fixed so I pretty much did nothing that week. Other than that, it's been pretty boring and i've probably been the laziest woman around. Ok i'm not that bad, I do try and keep up with the cleaning and kids, but other than that my energy is limited, which sucks. I'm patiently waiting for the nesting energy to come....any day now would be great because I have a huge list of what I need to do still around here!

So lately i'm "kind of" cranky.

I'm sure Dustin has some other words for it but he's not the one blogging is he? I'm just at that annoyance stage where everything is annoying, does that make sense? If not, well too bad. I'm pregnant with 3 kids in the depressing winter so I can be cranky sometimes, right? By the way i'm huge, yes huge. I look like I should be due any day. It's ok, i'm staying positive, not much longer!

The girls are doing great. I absolutely love having the 3 of them. They play all the time with each other and are so happy, and easy to please. Don't get me wrong they still fight and have their tantrums and it's pretty crazy around here but i'm so grateful they have each other to keep themselves occupied. Also it's a bonus they always have a friend to play with! I'm not complaining.

Well that's about it lately. Pretty exciting eh?


The Harker Family said...

I was wondering where you went to! Those pics are sooo funny! I love how they just drop where they are/what they are doing and fall asleep. So cute! Yup pregnancy and lack of energy sucks! I hope you feel invigorated soon!

Jeff and Brit said...

BAHAHAH I love the pictures! Espescially the glasses ha. So glad your pregnancy is going more smoothly then the last. Can't wait for baby francis to get here! I hope it's a boy! But then again, girls are so much fun too, aren't they?! I love mine :) Love you!!!

the fellers said...

SO EXCITING...haha, those pictures are awesome...I am so glad I am not the only one that has to look on my camera to remember what we have been up to...that is a good sign though, right? because it means we take pictures of our kids! I want to see a belly update, I bet you look great!!

The Coopers said...

haha, those are pretty funny, i hear ya we've been doing alot of that too. I see the leapster explorer in the 1st pic, Elias got that for Christmas, what a great educational toy eh?

love the candy sticking out of her mouth..haha

kelsey said...

ha. love all those sleeping girls! I love sleeping girls. . . lol.

I hope you start getting some energy back, that bites just being wasted all the time!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

Hey Mindy,

I just wanted to tell you, watch out for the power steering in your van, they are prone to breaking especially in cold! Our's broke 3 times, we had an 08 Grand Caravan, just traded it in for 10, hopefully those problems have been fixed on the new ones!