Monday, February 21, 2011

We had A visitor!

There was a change in plans and my mom and sister weren't able to come up anymore but my dad changed his flight to come here originally from where he was and couldn't change it back, so he ended up still coming up for the weekend! It was fun and the girls loved him here. He got mauled the entire time. Jayci called him grandma for the first day so that was kind of funny. Kyla was addicted to his iphone the entire time, and I think she was more sad to see the phone go than him, but she loved having him here.
We went out to the movie on Saturday night just Dad, Dust and I. We saw "Just Go With It", it was hilarious. Probably one of the funniest movies i've seen in a long time, so I highly recommend it!

We mostly just hung out at the house, watched movies and played and he got to come to church with us yesterday.

Thumbs up for Toy Story 3! (Notice the twins thumbs up with their pointer fingers)
We tried to watch it, and failed, the kids weren't quite into it. I think they've seen it too many times.

Oh also, please notice my new nursing pillow cover in the top of the picture. I LOVE it. It's the first thing i've bought for preparing for baby and i'm kind of obsessed with Zebra print right now. So I was pretty excited about that!

The girlies and Grandpa!
I love this picture.

I loved having my dad here. They don't get up here very often so it was fun having him be part of my crazy life for a few days. Thanks for coming dad! Love you!!


Amie said...

Your girls are so cute. And they all look so much alike!!

kelsey said...

that picture with your dad and the girls is so darling, and holy. . . the twins' hair is coming in like crazy. it looks so thick and luscious in that picture!