Monday, January 03, 2011

It's a new year!

2010 was a crazy year and seriously flew by! We accomplished a lot and i'm so glad because at the beginning of the year we wanted to dedicate this year to one thing, to complete 2 years of schooling for Dustin no matter what and we did it! He almost didn't go the second time due to finances but we didn't let that stop us from doing it, and we are so glad we stuck to it.
So we accomplished school! That's huge. Now he has one more year (2 months) to do in Sept and then he's done forever!!

Kyla started preschool in September! She is a big girl now for real, and amazes us all the time. I have to remind myself she is only 4 all the time.
She was talking about how only boys go to college and not girls, (she was watching Toy Story 3 and just assumed) so I told her that girls go to college too. So I gave her a little explanation about how she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up. She said, "I want to be a doctor!" Dustin and I were like, "that's a good one hun!" then said says, "...or a stop sign..."
Dust said, "well I don't even think you need to go to college for that one!" We tried so hard not too laugh and of course she got mad because we thought it was hilarious, and so random. She's our mini me around here and keeps everyone in line.

And finally, the obvious, we found out we are expecting #4 in April! Shock overload here! But we are now super excited and I can't believe i'm going to be 25 with 4 kids. Who thought I was able to do this? Not me that's forsure... but like with the twins, you just do it and it's possible! (I think)

So last year was pretty crazy. This year we have a couple things planned, the first of course to have a baby. But I want it to be non-eventful. No flying to Edmonton, or a million trips to emergency or constant "is that a contraction?" and freaking out about preterm labour. I know twins is totally different, but it's always a worry once you've been through it. So far this pregnancy has been awesome, i've been lucky, so lets keep it up. I want it to be easy this time. My water breaks on it's own, go to the hospital a few hours later we have a baby. That's not too much to ask is it?

The second goal is to buy a house! We are hoping by fall to be in a house, or sooner if possible. I can't wait!

The third is to get Dustin on out at the plants, instead of through the union. It better shifts and a lot more little bonuses for working actually for them.

So that's the plan so far! Of course we have little goals for ourselves here and there but those are the big ones.

New Years was so much fun. During the day we took the kids to the big New years day event down at the new Mac Island park and they had a ton of fun. It was a little chaotic but the kids didn't know any different so they loved it.

Then that night we headed over to our friends Kimball and Becky's with Jill and Travis and played games and ate food and had a ton of laughs! We wanted to do something low key and it was perfect. There is a picture with Dustin in it, but it's just him and I and it's disgusting of me so it will not be shown. Sorry hun.

So that's it! Here's to a new year with lots to look forward too!

Happy New Year!!


Amie said...

Sounds like some really great goals you guys have this year! Im super excited for you guys, and for Dustin to be DONE school!!

The Harker Family said...

What a great year for your family!

Congrats to Dustin for continuing on with school! Good for him! Congrats to you for taking care of three little children, and another one on the way! Really good for you! :-) All the best in 2011! We miss you up here!

Lynn said...

Great goals!

Happy New Year!

Jordana said...

That thing at Mac Island looked fun! Bouncy castles are always a hit. I love making goals and accomplishing them, it feels so good! Happy New Year!

Jeff and Brit said...

lol ahhah A stop sign! I would have laughed to ha I hope she realizes the Doctor career would pay more lol The girls are getting big it's crazy, I need to see them, hopefully soon! Thanks for blogging again unlike me ahha Love you!

The Bagley Family said...

I have ben reading your blog over the past year and you guys have accomplished so much!! I remeber when my husband and I were finishing school and had two little ones at home. it is so hard on so many levels but worth every moment of frustration!!
Looking forward to hearing from you about your family this year!

henline crew said...

Happy New Year! I hope you have the baby low key too. I can't wait to find out what it is!! I'm rooting for a Boy! haha