Sunday, January 16, 2011

New bed!

Presley and Jayci have been sleeping on their crib mattresses on the floor for a while now and they really needed a change. So since we won't be going to Edmonton for another month or so to get them new beds, we brought up our other queen bed from the basement for them to sleep on for now. We had to rearrange their tiny room and now it looks all hideous and empty, but i'm going to hang some stuff and make it "cute" this week. They LOVED the bed and were jumping on it forever, so we're hoping it wore them out. I'm hoping it works out ok, because they were to the point where they would roll over and fall off the mattress. They are just getting so big!

I don't think I ever mentioned I got a video camera for Christmas!! I was so excited!! We have to get used to having it and actually video things now, but I love it. So here is a little video of the girls in their new big bed!

Please ignore the ghetto curtains...

Obviously I'm not worried too much about this house looking good, but once we buy, i'll FINALLY be able to go nuts decorating!

By the way, this -30C, sucks. At least we've been productive while being stuck indoors and have organized a lot in this house. Only 13 more weeks give or take until baby, and that's IF I go full term! I've been early both pregnancies, twins 7 weeks and Kyla 3 1/2 weeks. So we shall see!


Dustin, Rachelle & Jaxon Ririe said...

Aww, cute kids!! I love their sweet, high little voices. And don't feel back about the ghetto curtains- we have done towels AND tin foil. Haha. (PS I am jealous that you can wear your hair dark or blonde and still look gorgeous. But I say, embrace the blonde if you are lucky enough to be naturally blessed with it!!)

Lynn said...

Awww.......that is sweet. Love the video clip. Now we get to hear their sweet voices.

Jeff and Brit said...

Awe they look so cute in their big bed!!! I can't wait to come visit! Oh and I do LOVE the curtains!!!

Jordana said...

That's so fun they get to sleep in the big bed together, they must love it! This was a good reminder for me because I haven't gotten out our video camera in a long time, I need to do that more. And I can't believe how close to the end you're getting, that's so exciting! Hopefully it keeps going good for you.