Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Kyla goes to school

Well Kyla is officially in pre school!
Do I feel old? No, I just can't believe how fast time goes. I feel like I was just in pre school!

She was excited, but this morning I asked her if she was and she goes, "Ughhh Mom, yes I am excited." and another time I got "Mom, you already asked me that lots of times!" I guess I did ask her quite a few times. I just wanted to make sure...

So I was "that" mom today taking a million pictures, but it was worth it and I love every one of them. When we had orientation last week they had us fill out a volunteer form for what we'd like to volunteer for, and I think I checked every event there was. I remember my mom always being there for my school things and I loved it. So I want to do the same for her. Also this way I get to see how she is in school and get a ton of pictures of it!

Here she is on her first day in front of the school!

She looks way too old.

Had to get a shot of her with her biggest fans. Who also look like they are getting so big.

This was when Kyla and Emma saw each other, cutest thing ever! They truly love each other and it is so cute. I'm glad she has a best friend.

I LOVE LOVE this picture of them.
They are so dang cute and have the biggest backpacks!
I love them and i'm so glad they are in the same class to make memories together.

Her classroom. Don't you love her poses? I tell her to smile and I get this, I love it.

By her coat hook. They share with the morning class
By her cubby
Sittin with her class, she didn't even say bye to me. She was more than ready to be there.

K tell me that wasn't the cutest post ever. This is so exciting! I can't wait for Halloween dress up day, Christmas concerts, the crafts she'll bring home etc etc.... all of it!

I LOVE being a mom!!


Anonymous said...

She is so cute. I remember her as a baby!!

Jordana said...

Yep, she definitely looks excited, so cute! You have a good attitude, I need to try and remember that next week when Jayna starts. I think my attitude will be more of the sad "my baby is getting so old" kind. But you're right, they love it and are so ready for it.

Amy said...

She is seriously so cute!!! I'm loving all her poses. I was the other kind of mom.... the one that forgot her camera every first day of school so I have no cute pictures of Taylor by the classroom (except this year I had my phone at least to snap some pics!)

Amie said...

Awww its so cute how you just love being a Mom!! She is adorableee!!

Carrie said...

Ack! She is so cute :) DOn't worry I'm totally going to be "that" Mom too. Memories are more important.

Jeff and Brit said...

Oh how I love her!! She's so cute with all her poses! And yes I love the big backpacks too! Cute post!!

The Anderson Family said...

Our girls are the cutest ever!! I'm so glad they are together at school. What an exciting day for us!

kelsey said...

LOVE the picture with emma and their massive backpacks. i can't believe how big kyla is. i remember you e-mailing me pictures of her brand spankin' new!!! WEIRD. she's so grown up and cute.

karlielsa said...

She is so cute! They truly grow way too fast. I remember hanging out in our friends basements and now you have three kids and one on the way. Crazy!!!

the fellers said...

I have to say, I am so jealous...Scoty is so behind because of his october birthday and wont go to "real" preschool until next year, we do do Joy School at home, but it just isnt the same, I am SO looking forward to all those things you mentioned at the end....sigh....and it is TWO years till Kindergarten, and he is already SO bored! She looked dang cute though!

Meagan M said...

WOW...I can't believe how time has passed! It's so strange that she's in preschool. THat will be Hailey next year...which is wierd too!

Kyla looks so cute and grown up in those pictures!

Anonymous said...

K I just wrote a bunch and lost it...grrr.
Anyhow what a sweetie pie. You know she will love all this documenting that you're doing when her first little one starts school (which is a zillion years away). So keep up the awesome work're a super mom!

Lindsey said...

hahaha! SO CUTE. Mindy you are such a sweet mom! And yes, Kyla is way cute too..

Brandon and Kristy said...

aw these r seriously the cutest pics! what a cutie pie. xoxo wish i was closer to see all these things live!. hmm.. one day. so glad she loved it!