Monday, August 30, 2010

A planned Surprise!

First of all, THANK YOU!!! I totally felt the love with all your comments. It made me feel so happy! I still don't believe it and have a lot going on right now but i'll fill you all in next post. This one I am dedicating to this weekend.

Dustin turned 27 yesterday and I threw him a surprise party on Saturday night. At least one surprise lately has been planned! It was a blast and he had no idea. We played some great games and ate some really good food with some awesome friends. It wasn't a ton of work either, and I had help from friends bringing food and especially Jill for hosting it for me and preparing for when we arrived. We also had a small party for him with the kids because Kyla really wanted to "come to his birthday this time." We usually just go out for dinner with friends or something, so the kids just stay home. But I decided to make a cake and we decorated with balloons and they made him a cute sign. They loved it.

Here are some pics from the weekend. Thanks everyone for coming! It was a great success!

I know your all jealous of our friends.

We know how to have a good time, that's all.

(Missing Greg and Emily)

Waiting for us to show up. Alison and Emily.

Greg, Kimball, Becky, Lindsay, Tim

Surprise!! Wait, where's Dustin. Oh hiding behind me!

Jordana, Gibb, and Dust

Kimball, Becky, Lindsay, Alison, Tim and Travis

Birthday with the kids. Breakfast, of course.

And cake!

ps: this post sucked to blog. Took FOREVER to upload the pictures. I endured though.


The Anderson Family said...

It was a super fun night!! And I totally agree with the awesome friends we have!! There tonnes of fun to hang with. We need to all get together again for a Werewolf night!!

The Anderson Family said...
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The Harker Family said...

Ah! What a nice surprise! Tell Dustin we said Happy Birthday!!!!

TinaLaRae said...

What fun life can eh?! I had too read the post below to find out what other surprizes you were talking about...
Congrats on babe #4

The Pratts said...

Love the pix of Dustin hiding behind you, and of your girls with him and his cake...they look so excited! Good job making his day great!

Amy said...

Ah what a nice wife you are. Looks like a ton of fun! Maybe I should throw my Dustin a surprise party for his birthday this year. Since I wanted to when he was 30 (2 years ago!!!) and he wouldn't let me. So if I do it 2 years late it will be a total surprise!