Sunday, August 01, 2010


It's already August!!! I KNOW RIGHT?!

Let me fill you in first. Dustin is working a 24 as you know, awesome. Starting 2 days ago he went from 10 hour days to 12 hour days, even more awesome. He worked the long weekend making a butt load of money so i'm kind of glad for that SINCE he starts school in 4 weeks!! He starts on the 30th of this month already. Holy. I'm so excited. As much as I didn't like school, at least I had him home every weekend and in the evenings sometimes. Right now he gets home at 9:00 every night. So i'm sucking it up for a couple more weeks and trying to enjoy it by getting the girls out to parks and the lake etc. Dust does get one 4 day weekend off before the end of the month, so I hope he's prepared for a jam packed fun filled weekend!! His parents are coming up for that weekend too and staying with Jill and Travis so we'll be busy with them too. We haven't even seen his raise yet from his previous schooling because it has taken so dang long to fill out his book at a bunch of different places. We'll get back pay for all the missed weeks though as soon as it kicks in. So that'll be nice to save for when he's in school. It'll be SO nice getting 2 raises within a couple months. I can't wait.

So i'm sad that summer is half over but also happy because the quicker it goes the quicker this 24 will be over and then school will come and go and we'll be able to make great changes in our life. I'm tired of being at a stand still career wise for Dustin. I love to plan and have progression and things to work towards so knowing that it's actually happening is really exciting. This year has been a crazy one already and there is so much more to come. Both my sisters are due in 5 weeks and i'm insanely excited for them! Kristy is having a boy and Britt didn't find out, so it's a surprise! Our family is growing so fast. September will be one crazy busy month!

The last 2 days have consisted of me drawing. Yes i'm an artist, didn't you know? Ok no not really, but at least the kids can guess what it is.

Can you guess who it is?

If you can't, your either retarded, or your retarded.

It's Dora guys.

Kyla's Dora

My Boots

Kyla's Boots (how awesome is she)

My Backpack
Kyla's Backpack, seriously hers are the best

My Map

Kyla's Map

So doing this has consisted of a lot of this,

"dora!" "map!" "boots!" "backpack!"over and over and OVER!

They're either obsessed with Dora, or they are in amazement of how awesome my artistic skills are.

We'll say both.


Anonymous said...

Wow you really can draw. And Kyla is right behind you! That's a very good talent.

Amie said...

Im IMPRESSED. Definately had NO idea you were such a good drawer!

the fellers said...

wow, you are a good drawer, and Kyla isnt to bad herself! Good work!

Cat said...

ha ha ha Love it!! I really miss being home with my kids even though at the time I sometimes felt stuck. Trust me when the girls are all grown up you will look back at this time with them and you will have such special memories!