Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family fun

We've been super busy lately around here. Dustin's parents, Grandma and younger brother, Denim, came up to visit and are staying at Jill's so we've been over there everyday and out doing stuff with them. We went fishing, quading, and then just the boys went out to 6 lakes today for the day. 6 lakes is sand dunes with wicked warm water and it's beautiful out there! I want to go out there next year, since i've never had the chance. Dustin loved it. He just got back and I don't have any pics of them out there yet. When I get some i'll post them to show you how nice it looks out there. It's like paradise in the north pole! (Even though we have warmer weather than Southern AB) Who knew way up here we could have such a nice place like that!

So here i'll share a few pics of us out and about hangin with the fam. Dustin also had 5 days off, so it's been WAY nice. Let me also just say he only has 9 days left then he starts school!! I'm just a little excited that he'll have every weekend off.

Fishin! I married into a fishing family, and I really like it! I never fished growing up, maybe a couple times but as soon as I met Dustin I knew it would be a hobby of ours. Right after Dustin and I got married we took a day and went fishing all day, it was seriously so fun. Especially since I caught all the big fish. I just don't have the patience to sit there forever without getting anything though, so if nothin's biting, i'm done. We didn't catch anything here the other day because the main spot was all blocked off to clean out the river, so where we were was all weeds. But the kids loved it and we bought Kyla her own fishing rod and she didn't put it down the entire time. I'd have to say her princess rod casts pretty darn good, so I may have tried to steal it a couple times.

Teaching her how to fish, he was a proud father

They just liked throwing rocks, and walking in the water.
What? Her rod is better?

She's hardcore, she said she kept catching weed fish.

Jill and Travis bought a quad and side by side this year and this is the first time we've been out with them. I loved the quad, and can't wait to get one of our own.

Dustin, Greg, Travis and Denim

Me driving the side by side with Shirley, and random Travis.

BTW i'm wearing Emma's helmet, she's 4. I'm cool like that.

I can't upload any more pictures, it's taking forever. So this is all you get!


Amie said...

Funn! I enjoy quading too, my mom and stepdad have a quad and they use it tons!

The Harker Family said...

Wow those quads look like so much fun! Glad to hear you had a great time!

the fellers said...

looks like fun, I had a hard time uploading pics when I posted last too, blogger must be having issues!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Looks like fun stuff! I want to get Kinsey a fishing rod too.

PS My quad helmet is a child size cuz I'm cool like that too. hehe

henline crew said...

James loves to fish but I'm like you, if I'm not catching, I'm not interested. Looks like lots of fun and I can't wait for pics of that place!

Jordana said...

So fun having family here! Jayci and Presely are starting to look so grown up, more like little girls. Looks like you guys are having an awesome summer!

Tabitha, Ryan & Baby Haylen said...

Fun stuff!! Definatly buy a side by side when you guys start looking to buy toys! You can get kits to put seats in the back and you can take your whole family out with you!! They will love it!
We just bought a Rhino, and its SO stink'n fun!!!

Meagan M said...

Looks like fun! That 6 lakes place sounds like lots of fun!! I love that Kyla was catching weed fish...how cute!