Monday, August 23, 2010

All about Kyla

Kyla never ceases to amaze me with what comes out of her mouth. She thinks she is me and can act like she is in charge all the time, even when i'm there. Always bossing people around and telling them what to do, but she's not rude about it, she just likes to be in charge. I was just like that when I was little so it's kind of funny seeing her like that now. She loves to boss her cousin Emma around, and she says to me sometimes before we go over, "mom I won't boss Emma around ok?" At least she's trying!

I had to write a couple of things down, that she has been doing lately. Like yesterday, I was going to church with just me and the girls. (Dustin had to work.)

So we just got in the van to leave to church yesterday and right before I pull away, Kyla says,

"Mom, you didn't do your hair!"

Me "Yes I did, what do you mean?"

Kyla (getting frustrated) "No mom you forgot, you forgot to do your hair!"

Me "Kyla I did my hair already" (It was kind of a messy and loosely curled look)

She looks at me with this grossed out look, and says "Well it looks kinda weird, it looks like when you get out of bed."

Thanks Kyla.

So then she says, "mom don't do it like that for church next time k?

At least I know I can always get honesty from her! Although, I thought it looked good!

After we got home from church I was exhausted, especially after carrying the girls in from the car one at a time passed out. I also run out of energy really quickly because I just found out my iron is super low, so it all makes sense now why I want to fall asleep EVERYWHERE! So I sat down on the couch and Kyla woke up and was in a good mood. I grabbed the computer while I waited for the oven to heat up. I was making an awesome dinner of frozen pizza. My Sunday meals are rarely amazing when Dustin's working, I just don't have the time and well, just don't care. So she goes, "mom can I have some juice"

Me "ya Kyla just a sec k?"

a couple seconds later, "Mom I really want a drink of juice!"

Me "ok ya i'm coming" but I didn't get up

Another couple seconds later Kyla goes "MOM GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GET ME A DRINK OF JUICE!"

Alrighty then. So we laughed and I got her some juice.

Sometimes I just need a little motivation!

Last week she decided she was going to clean the living room, I definitely wasn't going to argue with that. So she cleaned it spotless actually! I was impressed! Then she says "mom I need a treat for cleaning the living room." So I had to explain how we don't get treats every time we do something good. It just makes mommy and her happy. So she was fine with that. I don't know where that came from. Okay maybe I have used bribery a few times to get her to do stuff, but not all the time! Well since then she has cleaned the living room everyday for 6 days now, she has counted and she will tell you! She also got sent up to her room for a timeout one day right before Dustin came home. He walked in the door and she was still in her room, I may have forgot about her. But a couple minutes later she comes walking downstairs and says, "mom, dad, come see!"

So we went up and she had the biggest grin on her face. She cleaned her room, spotless! The girls decided to dump all the toys all over her room that day so it was a mess. But thanks to her it was now perfectly cleaned! I'm talking, bed made, everything put away and her clothes in a little pile in the corner that she picked up. I told her everytime she comes to her room she can clean it so it makes her calm down and be happy, she said she would, so I am definitely liking that. I've been trying to teach Jayci and Presley to clean up but they could care less. I guess I should try a little harder before they get too used to Kyla doing it all. She definitely picked up stuff at their age, so they should too.

She is sure a character that one, and I love her. She starts pre-school in a couple weeks and she is so excited. She is getting so big and way too smart!


Jeff and Brit said...

She's getting too big min! But I love her even more when you tell the funny stories about what she does! She sure is "special" lol jk She's adorable!

Amie said...

Haha, About the hair, it seems like she knows whats in and you are the old fashioned mother, although I know thats not the case because you are still so fashionable! I love these stories, and Kyla is SUCH a pretty girl, and growing up SO fast!

ashley said...

Your daughter is so adorable. I was just like her when I was little. Loved to boss my siblings around!! I find alot of first borns are like that!!

Lynn said...

WHat an awesome journal post about her. She will definitely love reading stuff like this later when the teen years come and she needs reminding that mom notices all the GREAT stuff she does. ; D

Randy and Capri Bird said...

Oh man how cute! I wish I had someone to clean up around here ;)

The Harker Family said...

Ah what a sweety! She sonds like so much fun! Does she want to come to my house and clean!!! Ha!

The Man said...

You have a great family!