Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Ok so I did this post with just pictures and as I thought about it I decided I wanted to add to it and write a little something about being a mom. I have so many words I could say and I just want to keep it simple.
I LOVE my job. I love my bosses and I have an amazing assistant manager to help me get through the harder days. I never imagined this is how my life would be. I never thought i'd end up with twins, yet alone have 3 girls in a row! I always said I would never want twins and even when my sister and I announced our prgnancies during Christmas I clearly remember her saying how she would love to have twins. My response was, "pfff I don't!" ha But the second I was told (1 week after Christmas) by the lady that I had twins in there I was, well first shocked but then I was so excited. We left the ultrasound with so much excitement and knew we had to make some changes in our life. I've always liked to be a little different than everyone else and this was just one more reason to be! Kyla is the sweetest little spirit and has such a soft heart. I love it how she will listen to me when I talk to her and I love how she will take any moment she can just to get her mom time in. I absolutely love these girls to death, you all know that. I have an incredible husband who helps me left and right with no asking or complaining while he does it. I even said how today didn't feel much different from any other day, which goes to show how awesome he is on a regular basis. It definately feels like Mothers Day everyday with him. I could go on forever but in short I honestly think i'm so blessed with the life I have and I can't wait to be the mother of maybe one or two more spirits (maybe a boy in there somewhere) ;) I love being a mom!
Here is today! Out of 50 pictures, these were the best!

Ps: i'm in the process of changing my blog, so it's not the best.


Kels said...

ha. i love all the pics, it just shows that you are a busy mom! love the twins' skirts.

meaghan.p said...

Happy Mothers Day Mindy, you're definetly lucky to have Dustin!

Lynn said...

AWESOME post!!!! What a wonderful tribute to motherhood (your mom truly raised you right) and a FABULOUS tribute to your husband. He is SO lucky to have you. And you him. What a great team you make.


Janas Bananas said...

I was going to take a picture with all my kids on mothers day and I totallt forgot!! What a perfect day to do it, everyones hair was done and clean clothes were on!! Oh well....looked like a fun photo shoot anyway...Happy Mothers day!

Sue said...

Happy mothers Day!!