Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's a race!

Today Presley started pulling herself around and they both wanted the same toy so we grabbed the camera and got it in action. Poor Presley is a little behind but for just starting today she is doing pretty good! It's really dark so sorry. Then we tried again with better light but it's more of them just rolling around playing they didn't want to race anymore. Just some twins in action I guess! I am loving this video thing!


Lynn said... guys just have so much fun at your house.

That video thing is pretty cool. I found myself actually into it and cheering her on! LOL!

the fellers said...

so cute...that first video is so funny...not just because of the twins, but Dustin cracking up is hilarious! isnt the video thing great!?!?!?

Janas Bananas said...

I loved the "go to bed Kyla" soooo funny! And Dustin laughing, that too cracked me up!!! So fun to watch them, I bet twins are constant entertaiment.