Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Find

So i'm back to life now that I have my business up and going. It's going great! Thanks everyone!

Do you ever think your child is bored? I sure do! So I found this awesome site! It e-mails you weekly on the latest stuff of what to do with kids. Including crafts, baking, games, coloring pages and they even have a section on parenting. I love it! It's called Kaboose. I just printed off an Easter coloring sheet for Kyla and she loves it! The other day we did a new craft together, she made a crown. Thanks Mr. Maker. She loved it! She also wore it around all day. I know it's like the tallest crown ever and I laugh at it everytime she wears it! But it's more for her to decorate!
So not too much is happening in our house. Jayci is now officially crawling! She did it yesterday, she just up and went on her hands and knees like she knew all along. Presley is all over the army crawl now and they just get around like it's nothing, and I love it! I am so excited they can go everywhere to discover their whole new worlds, like the kitchen and bathroom! The other day I was cooking supper and I had 3 little people at my feet grabbing me. It was so cute. I love that they get into stuff and find new things. Jayci will sit infront of my tupperware drawer and open and close it. She wants in their so bad. Dustin also caught Presley trying to pull herself up the bottom stair! Looks like I need to invest in a gate soon. It's so exciting! Here is Jayci just chillin infront of the drawer and them scootin around in the kitchen!Well I think that's just about it for now. I need to take more pictures this weekend of all of us in our daily life, because these kids are growing too fast. I love it though!!


Lindsay Pratt said...

Cute pics, and I'm excited to check out kaboose. I'm sad I missed your giveaway! I was home in Lethbridge and not keeping up in the blog world so I didn't even get to enter! Sad! See you Saturday!

the fellers said...

Ok, can I just say that I love that you said that you loved it when you had three little people pulling at you while you were making dinner? you are such a good person, I HATE it when they do that...I get so mad, and they get into everything, I need to be better and just enjoy the fact that I have kids to do that with me!

the fellers said...

oh...and thanks, I really want to check out that site, cause Scoty gets so bored, and I want to get him stuff to do! i am gonna check it out!

Lynn said...

I TOTALLY agree with the fellers.

You had me at:

"The other day I was cooking supper and I had 3 little people at my feet grabbing me. It was so cute. I love that they get into stuff and find new things."

You are an AWESOME mom!!!! Lucky girls they are.

Elysa Johnston said...

I'll be checking that site out for sure! I love the second picture of the twins, they're both waving :)

susette said...

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