Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sick Jayci

For the past 5 days Jayci has had a fever and hasn't been feeling the best. It's been off and on and I thought nothing of it until yesterday. I was a little concerned after her getting a fever after that many days and then I put together her symptoms she'd been complaining about, sore stomach, fever, off and on lethargic, swollen throat and it kind of worried me a bit.
Last night before bed she kept saying, "it hurts" and was scratching her leg. I checked it out and it wasn't anything major, just a small red spot, so I wasn't too worried about it.
This morning when she woke up she was scratching her back and said again, "it hurts". So I checked it out and this is what her back looked like...

Then I checked out the rest of her body and she had some on her legs as well. I knew something wasn't right. I went online and searched "sick child with rash" and the first thing that came up was Scarlet Fever. I instantly knew that's what she had. She had the exact symptoms and it said around day 4 a rash breaks out. So luckily I called the doctor and they got me in this morning after I told them what was going on. So I loaded the kids in the van took them to Jills and headed to the doctor.
Turns out her throat was almost swollen shut, she has a bad ear infection and what do ya know.... Scarlet Fever.
I seriously should be a doctor. With Google...

The rash kept spreading and going all over. Her stomach, back, legs, hands and some on her arms. It would almost "move" around.
This was her hand at the doctor...

And her stomach before the doctor...

 Anyways when I showed him her legs at the doctor, we had to take her pants off and her legs were COVERED. I wish I would have gotten a picture. They were bad. I almost started crying right then because of how bad I felt. I almost felt guilty I didn't take her in sooner. But I hate over reacting about things and just thought she had a little bug and kids get fevers all the time it was after a few days when I started wondering if something was going on.
He gave me a steroid for her throat since it was so bad and some antibiotics and he wanted to get some blood done to check her white blood cell count. He actually was pretty concerned about her and said if it doesn't improve in 24 hours to take her to emergency and to have her come back on Saturday for a follow up. It kind of makes ya nervous when the doctor is worried.
I went and got the prescriptions right away which took forever. Then I had to rush home and get Kyla ready for her dress rehearsal for dance. Her recital is on Saturday and they've had rehearsals all week and today was the full on, hair, make up, costume one. So I quickly got her ready and got the kids ready and by the time I got downtown again I missed the lab, they closed. So I have to go in the morning to do it.
So tomorrow as supposed to be the twins birthday party, looks like thats not happening so I have postponed it until Monday. I didn't say anything to them because I think they lost track what day it is so i'll just hold them off until Monday!
Anyways, i'm EXHAUSTED. I could feel a little meltdown was in me but I just didn't even have the time to acknowledge it! I hate when my kids are sick like this. Especially when it's something not as common as a cold, or flu. Poor girl. She did so well today though and doesn't complain at all. I felt bad having to take her down to drop Kyla off at rehearsals but I had no choice. My girls are so good. I couldn't be luckier. I think having 4 isn't as hard as it seems for me, and it helps to have really well behaved little girls. I love them to death.

So that's my week so far. The next few days consist of Dance recitals, twins birthday, and then birthday party, oh and Dustin has a course to take and... go me, I scheduled in a date night for Dustin and I. I think we deserve it!

In other news. Guess who is now WALKING!?
Seriously. Stop growing. She was supposed to be my baby forever and now she is officially NOT a baby!
She is the funniest little girl and has the best personality. She is constantly making us laugh. We can't get enough of her.

Well i'm going to go relax in my messy house with my husband, the criminal. 
peace out.


Lynn said...

Oh wow. I didn't even know that people could still get scarlet fever. Does that sound dumb of me? I guess I should google it. Did the Dr. say anything about the rest of the family possibly getting it?

Scary. So sorry to hear. I hope everything all comes together and a lot better for her soon. Poor Jayci. She looks so sore.

Janas Bananas said...

Oh man, it seems you have been dealing with alot with your kids these days and they health. Hopefully it settles down for you soon...At least it is not 150 years ago where kids were dying from Scarlett fever eh? So glad we live in the times we do sometimes. Here is hoping she recovers fast and no one else gets it.

The Harker Family said...

Oh no MIndy!! Wow poor Jayci!!!! What a crazy week for you! Thinking and praying for you guys!!! Smart girl of you to diagnose that!