Saturday, May 26, 2012

My little Ballerina!!

Kyla had her year end dance recital today!
This week has been crazy with dress rehearsals and volunteering for a rehearsal and a recital show! Plus everything else that's been going on. (If you don't know, read previous post)
I was super excited to FINALLY watch her perform. I was one proud mama sitting in the front row! I definitely cried, almost to the point of bawling my eyes out. I almost cried in all the little kid dances! Could be a little pms in there too, but whatever. She did SO well! They were supposed to be butterflies and danced to "Somewhere over the rainbow" which didn't help with my crying issues!
It's been a long year but so worth it. I can't wait to put the twins in next year and Kyla wants to go into hip hop or Jazz because Ballet is "slow and kind of boring" as she says. ha. But she loved performing on stage, she said that was the funnest part. So i'm glad. Her teacher said she is doing so well and a quick learner and they had a class full of a lot of smart students. So looks like she is enjoying it!
We brought Jayci and Presley to watch her with us and Jill and Emma came too! We were literally front row so she saw us right away. It was so dang cute. I wish I could have videod it but we weren't allowed and since we were front row it would have been a little obvious.

I can't say enough how excited I was for her! I wanted her in dance so bad so this was so exciting for me! I such a first time mom, and will probably be like this every time, for every kid...

Here is her recital day!!

Chilling with her class mates in between shows.

And after with all her fans!

Missing Laken. We left her with a sitter.

So while we were outside the college I took advantage of it and snapped some shots of her since she was all dressed up and the building beside the college matched perfectly!
 I want to put a few in her room.

Love them.

Can't decide if I like color or black and white. So you get both. Lucky you.

That's all! I'm one proud mom!!
Good job beautiful girl! We love you!!


Amie said...

Beautiful photos! I love that close up photo of her and Dustin. Such a cute photo. And I love the one of you all after the recital. She is one pretty girl!

MEG said...

Mindy..... She is BEAUTIFUL, and looked like the perfect ballerina... and she gets it all from you! You look amazing the photos. I dont know how you look so gorgeous all the time with four lil girlies, I actually do know, its because you are just naturally beautiful!

kelsey said...

LOVE that last picture. It's PERFECT. Cute little ballerina! I can't wait to put Norah in. I would bawl too.

The Harker Family said...

Oh she looks so gorgeous Mindy! What a beautiful ballerina! I put Cadrien in ballet this year and her recital is in thanks for the heads up about crying! I'll wear waterproof mascara! Ha! You all look fabulous! So proud of Kyla! She looks like a professional! Good job on the makeup too!

Natasja said...

Awhhh a cute little outfit post, so cute! U have beautifull children!


AKutarna said...

Love this! I can't wait to put my girls in ballet! She's so pretty!