Monday, September 27, 2010

What do you do on Sunday nights?

Kyla draws pictures of teddy bears
And sticks them on her Elmo chair
And then shoots at it with her dad, thinking it's hilarious and awesome.

She's so proud

She did pretty good though eh? For a 4 year old.

Oh and if you can't tell by the bright orange tip it's not a real gun, it's an air soft gun. She was so excited to shoot daddy's gun, even more than going to the park! Crazy girl. Dustin even asked what she would think if he ran over the easter bunny, she laughed, quite hard actually. I thought he was going to traumatize her by saying that but I guess not.

Yesterday I was sick and passed out on the couch with Jayci and Presley, and Dustin was cleaning, so he put on some sort of dog movie on tv for Kyla. I woke up to her in complete devastation and bawling, and Dustin holding her. I guess something happened at the end of the movie and we don't know what, Dustin didn't even remember what it was called, he just said it was a kids dog show or something. Kyla said it was sad and we got out of her that the dog was alone in the end. She was so sad! Like couldn't breathe devastation! I have no idea what movie it was. Poor girl. Sometimes they aren't as tough as we think.

Speaking of crazy, what kids do for entertainment sometimes I don't quite understand but they were happy.

She actually had the big stickers covering their eyes but I made her take them off. We are taking family pictures today and I do want my girls to have eyelashes.


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Carrie said...

Ha ha I love how funny Kyla is. Shooting with her Dad and loving it. And I love the sticker picture - kids are so creative, huh.

Sarah McDonald said...

okay so google the tv guide from that day and look the show up! So cute. Love the sticker plastered children. erika has done that to Will before (many times...)