Thursday, September 16, 2010

I was right, again.

So life's kinda boring right now. Other than being pregnant, Dustin in school, Kyla in school, and celebrating babies, not much is happening. Oh by the way, Britt had her baby!! She is way cute!

Ok fine i'll show you.

Laynie Lynn Schaffer

7lbs 13oz, 20 in

born on Sept 10th at 10:47am.

Cute eh?

Totally opposite of my kids, dark hair (and lots of it!) dark skin and dark eyes. She is a clone of Britt when she was a baby. I can't wait to actually meet her, and until then I am grateful for Skype!

So you know those moments when you tell your husband something and he says, no it'll be fine and you let him do what he wants, which is the opposite of what you say, knowing the outcome? If that doesn't make sense then lets just say, the wife is right ALL THE TIME, and the husband is NOT.

Just a small example. Dustin bought some frozen pizzas, and one kind he got was the no name brand. I knew the no name ones were bad, but I didn't say anything. Tonight we decided to throw a pizza in the oven. He brought up the no name one and opened it and he says, "what's wrong with this pizza?" I said, "ya I know they are gross pizzas just throw it out and don't cook it" It looked like it had been melted and refrozen, so a big frozen mush mess. Gross.

So he says, it'll be fine. I say, no it won't, throw it out. He says fine i'll eat it. I say, ok then put a different kind in for the rest of us. Letting him do his thing.

He went to check on the pizza's a little later, and said "um hun look at the pizza!"

Yes dear, I knew.

As you can tell, the pizza on the right is the brand name one. Even though it's paper thin and big enough for one person only.

So we called and ordered pizza.

Well i'm off to eat some GOOD cheese pizza, I wonder if Dustin still wants his no name one?

Moral of the story. THE WIFE IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

And it's funny when the husbands don't get it.


kelsey said...

holy cow, that is a ton of DARK hair! i'm so glad she is here, and healthy!

the pizza thing is awesome. ha. always right, indeed.

henline crew said...

hahaha. when will men learn???

Lynn said...

HA HA. Funny about the pizza. However, we always buy the no name. Never had a problem. Maybe cause we put it on the Pizza stone to bake. It crisps up real nice.

Anyway......congrats to your sister! Love her baby girl's middle name! ; D

Ashley said...

Laynie is so so cute! I'm glad I finally got to see a picture!

I totally get you on the wife always being right. We should swap stories! Ha!

Amie said...

Baha!! So happy you posted photos of this MESS!! You are so funny. And yes, the wife is always right! hehe

Arrington's said...

I have been married for 8 years and some days I think I've convinced I'm always right and some days it's a lost cause! Hope the take out was better :)

The Anderson Family said...

Bahhahaha! thats funny! Nice work Dustin. So did he clean out the oven after the messy event? I would have made him clean it good cause there is nothing worse than when you want to bake something and you start your oven then open the door and smoke pours out! Hopefully the other pizza was a little better!! By the way you got a super cute little neice!

Tim and Ashlee said...

I'm with Jill. Hopefully he cleaned the oven for ya. Cleaning ovens SUCK!