Monday, September 20, 2010

Almost there and good news

This is more for me than anything.

It hasn't been long since I found out I was pregnant and I think it's finally settling in. I think. I'm only 9 weeks, ya, not very far but I can't believe it was 5 weeks ago I found out, and those weeks flew by. So lets hope it continues for the rest of the pregnancy.

I had a doctors appointment on Friday, to find out my latest blood work and we got some great news. My thyroid is back to normal! AND my iron is going up! It's the highest it's been in a LONG time. This made my day big time! It's crazy too because the last couple weeks I have felt my energy go up and I didn't feel like passing out all the time. I am glad I now know that all my side effects are from the pregnancy and not other health issues. So I am super happy about this news!!

So my sickness was starting to let up. I honestly haven't been too bad. My last two pregnancies were WAY worse. BUT I am super, SUPER sensitive to smells. Which I have never had before! Anything makes me nauseous and it's so annoying. Dustin sat down beside me on the couch and I said, "what do you smell like?" he's like "I don't know, nothing?" ha

I can't stand his deodorant, the toothpaste we use, my hairspray, wipes, etc etc. It's crazy. I'm hoping it'll pass but who knows.

So yesterday out of the blue was a BRUTAL day, I was SO sick. And today it continued. Not sure where it came from but I don't like it. I really hope this doesn't continue because I was feeling pretty lucky for a few weeks there. This weekend I was tired, I slept in and had a nap just after lunch and woke up still feeling sick. It's a different tired though, I don't feel out of breathe and weak like before but I just want to sleep lots. So i'm thinking that's just from being pregnant.

I think this time I am more aware of my body and what's going on, like when I lay on my back I can feel the uterus (which is kinda gross) but I never really did that last time. I am growing fast and Dustin thinks it's twins again because of how fast i'm growing, but I just think it's because it's my 3rd pregnancy and last time it's was twins so my body is maybe used to that, so it's preparing because that's what it's used too? Ha I have no idea, but i'm glad I announced early because it's a given i'm pregnant and i'm only 9 weeks! I think it's only one, even though i've had countless dreams about it being twins. I'd do it again and i'd be happy. I did it once, I can do it again. Don't expect any belly pics either, because it's not cute! Maybe in a month or so.

So we still don't know if we want to find out or not what we're having. I say no, Dustin kind of wants too. I love the surprise and Kyla was a surprise and we didn't have anything so this time it's like the same but we do have girl stuff and we can buy boy stuff here and there just incase. Besides it is NOT the same finding out in an ultrasound as finding out at delivery. Totally way better after going through labour and all the work of delivery and waiting 9 months, it's so awesome when the baby comes out and they say "IT'S A....!!" Ya definitely wasn't the same in the ultrasound with the twins. Dustin is pretty easy going so I think I can convince him ;)

Ok well i'm not feeling great, so i'm going to go nap while the girls are down and Kyla's at school. By the way she has school pictures today and she looked so cute! I love that they do school pictures! I'm so excited for them. We told her last night to smile like I was the picture taker just to be sure, and she does her signature pose, hand on hip, head tilt, big smile. Just refer to her back to school post to see what I mean. So we tried to show her to not do that and just smile keeping her head straight and she seriously couldn't do it! It was hilarious. She had to really focus on not doing it and her face looked all funny, we laughed pretty hard. I hope they let her do her head tilt because that is her and I love that.

Anyways, That's that!


Ashley said...

I'm glad to hear you're doing better! I hope everything keeps going up for you. I'm sure this pregnancy will fly by for you. I know mine has for me! And I agree, it's way more fun to find out after the baby is born. I just have no self-control :) I'm kind of glad I found out beforehand though because I was so sure it was a girl so I was stocking up on some girly things.

Cichy's said...

Oh definitely wait to find out!!! Best surprise ever! Just convince Dustin! So excited for you guys, hope you are feeling good and can get through the extremely tired phase quickly! I totally remember that!

the fellers said...

oh the smell thing, this one has been super bad, and Scoty was HORRIBLE, but with Rylee it wasnt all that bad, maybe that means you are having a boy. I remember it was the worst when Shon was all showered and ready to go to work/school and would come in and give me a kiss goodbye, it took EVERYthING I had not to throw up all over him, it took him a long time to not be offended, I was always trying to tell him it wasnt that he stunk, just that he smelled strong....haha