Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Mothers Day

Let's start with yesterday. Dustin took me shopping and bought me a new coat. Hallelujah! I needed a coat so bad, I think EVERY time we walk out the door, I say "it would be nice to have a COAT to wear!" So I made some subtle hints..... but I found the cutest coat ever! I love it! Thank you Dust!

Before we went to the mall, Dustin went on a "man date." Well that's what I want to call it anyways. He went quading with a bunch of friends and I sat at home. Yay for me.

Story.....When I got the girls out of bed I was talking on the phone to Jill, and Jayci woke up super cranky so I had to carry her down the stairs. This had to include 3 big stuffed animals, an awkward sippy cup and the phone on my ear. Anyways I fell. Hard. It hurt like a mother! I almost passed out, but when I landed on my back I thought, where's Jayci? She was ok, she was fine sitting on the bottom stair. I held onto her pretty good as I fell. Then I felt my butt, holy crap it hurt so i'm moaning in pain yelling and Kyla is bawling because of course she was scared. Then Jayci started crying. My arm killed, my butt hurt, I hit my head AND my back super hard. All of me hurt. I told Kyla I was ok, and to come give me a hug so she would calm down. Then I got her to hang up the phone thinking I hung up on Jill as I fell. Well she called back and I was still lying on the floor dead. She was like, "um are you alive?" ha ya barely. After I fell she was like "hello?? Mindy! are you ok!" I couldn't hear her though. ha, it's kinda funny. Anyways so I lived.

So a little bit after I text Dustin, "I fell down the stairs again, hard." (This is a common thing for me in this house) and I kinda thought he wouldn't get it until he was done qudding. But then he texts me back a few minutes later, "are you ok?" So I thought, this could be fun.....

I say, "i'm alive but i'm in the hospital"

Dustin "Well that sucks cause i'm coming home right now" (super concerned eh, thanks hun)

Me "k well just come to the hospital"

Him "well i'm past the hospital almost home" (i'm thinking he was just saying this because he knew I was lying)

Me "ok so?? they think I broke a rib" (good one eh!) I almost went with broken neck but thought that would be too far, but broken rib? Perfect.

Him "are you serious?"

Me "YES!"

Him "for real?'

me "yes, happy mothers day eh?"

Him "so your down at the hospital and the kids are??"

Me "with travis at their house, jill came and got me. I'm just waiting to get an xray"

Dust "did you drive down there?"

Me "no Jill came and got me"

Dust "is the van home?"

Me "no Travis had to take all the kids in it, where are you at?"

Then he called me. haha He goes, so are you seriously in the hospital? haha NO! I laughed so hard. I can NEVER trick him. His friend Kimball in the background was like, I knew she was kidding! ha. Dustin SO believed me. It was great. I never lie, I suck at it, but this was a gooder, I had answers to everything. He said he wouldn't be surprised if it were true because it would be something I would do. Well I DID fall down the stairs.

So today i'm in pain. I have a a massive black bruise on my butt cheek. My back hurts, my neck, my arm has rug burn all up it.

Ha. Hilarious. I like a good story.

OTHER than that, today has been great! I got breakfast in bed, which included my 3 girls sitting around me saying "bite, bite bite!" (picture the bird's on Finding Nemo, pretty much sounds the same) Dustin tried to get a picture but our camera DIED! Like it's broken. So mad. I have to take it in this week to get it looked at. I need it, I have so much coming up and we just bought it in the summer. So I didn't get any pictures on Mother's day. Gay. Especially since it's MY day. Even more gay.

Church was awesome as always, they even gave all the moms flowers. Dustin made me dinner, my favorite, tacos. And we had ice cream sandwiches for dessert, my choice. Easy and delicious. And my day was great.

I love my girls, I love being a mom. No one can explain the love of a mother until you become one. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world and I wouldn't have any other husband by my side to support me through it all. I love my family more than anything, we have a good life and we have so much fun. I'm so grateful how much i've been blessed.

I can't forget to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom. She is lucky and gets to spend her mothers day in Mexico. I wish. I love her to pieces and she was an amazing mom to us 4 girls, and now an awesome grandma. Happy Mothers day, I Love you Mom!!


Happy Mother's day to all of my amazing friends and family!


The Harker Family said...

Poor you Mindy! I hope your body is less sore soon! Great story though! I laughed when you said you had breakfast in bed surrounded by little voices saying "bite, bite, bite". Hey, it wouldn't be Mother's Day without that, right! So cute!

Lynn said...

So sorry about that fall. Ouch! Glad it wasn't a broken rib. LOL! And that your baby was alright too.

Rhiannon Nicole said...

MINDY! You poor thing, feel better soon ok?! Jesh your poor back. And poor Dustin, he probably thought you were dying!! awe :) xo