Monday, May 17, 2010

yay for new stuff!!

This week has been kinda boring, kinda not.

First of all as I said in the last post our camera broke. We bought a Canon digital camera in the summer and on mothers day morning it wouldn't work. The lens would freeze when you opened and closed it, and it would only open half way or close a bit. Almost like it is jammed or stuck. Anyways so we might have to send it away to get fixed, IF they will even fix it or give us a new one. So with so much coming up in the next two weeks and I don't have time to wait for a new one, we went out to buy a camera on Saturday. We ended up buying a Canon Rebel XS. I LOVE it!! I always wanted a nice camera but I don't really need an awesome expensive professional one, so this one is perfect for me! I used to want the new Rebel T2I but I realized I don't need that kind. I'm not going to be one of those "self-proclaimed" photographers, like everyone else out there just because I have a nice camera and photoshop. I just want a nice camera to take great pictures of my kids. So this is perfect for me it's just a simplier version of the better ones. I wasn't sure if we should buy it but Dustin wanted to buy it for me because i've wanted one FOREVER. I think it's on my Christmas list every year and I constantly talk about how much I "need" one. He said it was a belated anniversary gift. Sooooo Happy!! So i've been playing with it and it's amazing how awesome the pictures are compared to our point and shoot other one. They are just so much clearer, it's great! Plus we got it on a wicked sale. So if you can't tell i'm SUPER EXCITED!!

Since the camera broke for Mothers day, I didn't get a picture with my girls so we went out to take one before church. We got this beautiful shot of us 4.


Kyla looking more grown up than ever. Don't ya think?
I love this picture of Jayci, she is just so pretty and has the biggest eyes. Even with the chocolate on the face.
Just some of the girls, which includes Dustin holding them in place.
Meh. It adds personality.
cute. cute. and cute!

Saved the best for last,
Jayci just eating some chocolate chips on a Sunday afternoon.


I have a big two weeks ahead of me. I'm going on a girls trip to Edmonton this weekend with 3 friends! Shopping, massages, eating, fun, and more shopping! I can't wait.
My parents are also coming up!!! I seriously am so excited! They have been here once in the 2 years we have lived here. Well my mom and sisters did come up when Presley had meningitis when she was 10 weeks old. They stayed with the girls at our house for a couple days while I lived at the hospital and Dustin had to work. I don't count that, since it was not a fun time and I barely got to see them with all the chaos of nursing twins with one in the hospital and finding help for when they left since I was in the hospital with her for 10 days etc. That was a hard time.
So they are coming for Jayci and Presley's birthday and just because it's time! I can't wait! I miss them! So lots coming up! Way exciting!!
I'm also thinking a makeover is in need. I told Dustin I know what's wrong with me, because i've been thinking how blah I look.
He said what?
I said My hair is the same color of my face.
He didn't get it. He said, who thinks of that??
I said I do, cause it makes sense.
So maybe a change will be coming soon for me. Being summer and all. I don't know what yet, but we shall see. Change is good and i'm always changing!


The Harker Family said...

Great post Mindy! So happy for you that got a new camera! How exciting! I loved the pic of all four of you girls! So funny!

TheMendenhalls said...

haha, i love her eating choc chips off the floor. so funny! and yay for a camera. I am wanting to get the Canon g11. because i carry my camera in my purse and i need something small, but a small step up from a point and shoot. and i loveee the picture of you and the girls! hahaha

The Pratts said...

Hooray for visitors! That's the best. And now you have a new camera to capture the visit! Oh, and those little pigtails on your girls are so funny and SO cute!

Alison said...

Ya, your right Mindy, you do look sooo blah! WHAT? Are you kidding me??!! You look as gorgeous as ever! Never noticed you had a blonde face! lol

Cichy's said...

Their pigtails are adorable! Love it!

The Coopers said...

haha cute pics, love the 1st one of the 4 of you and the last one, hah

Have fun on your girls weekend.. sounds awesome..oh and you motivated me a little more to maybe just maybe go lighter, blonde?? who knows! You look great with both dark and blonde hair.