Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who needs a maid...

...When you have Kyla!!

Here is what mini me does,

-She changes diapers and gets mad when you don't let her
-She carries the Jayci and Presley's drinks up to bed for me while I carry 50 lbs of babies on my hips
-She closes their door after tucking them in
-She gives them their food for every meal
-She wipes them off AND takes them out of their high chairs!
-I caught her yesterday doing my dishes...yep. (A full sink)
-Sweeps the floor
-cleans the entire livingroom perfectly for me while i'm cleaning the kitchen
-she wipes off the table
-Helps me fold laundry and organize it into piles
-takes things away from Jayci and Presley when she knows they aren't allowed stuff
-tells me when they have something in their mouth that isn't food, or just pins them down and gets it out herself. Which they love...
-closes the doors to the bathrooms and rooms they aren't allowed in
-takes off their sleepers in the morning
-turns the tv up and down when I ask her (she figured this out on her own)
- In the mornings when Dustin is home and we both just want to lay in bed she'll go in their room and play with them in their cribs until we want to get up. ha (don't judge remember.)
-brings me the phone if i'm downstairs working
-fills their sippy cups with water or juice when they want more
-She gives them hugs if they get hurt and they hug her back and stop crying

So I pretty much get to lay on the couch all day and let her do all my work for me. No i'm kidding... only half the day...
This is not child labour...right?

Now remember that if you don't let her do these things, she gets quite mad. Or if she is busy and you do something she normally does well be prepared to suffer the consequences! I've said this before but I used to think that if I ever would have twins (because who doesn't think about the "what if" we had twins?) anyways I thought I would want them first so I wouldn't know any different from one baby. But no way, I take that back big time. What would I do without her. I love this girl!
This is her doing the dishes last night, that sink if full of dishes she already did! She washed them all with cold water. I left them to dry overnight and put them away this morning with all the crusty food still on them that she missed, because I didn't want to hurt her feelings, we even ate on them for breakfast....haha totally kidding! gross. I had to redo them this morning very discretely.
Anyways, I think everyone needs a Kyla, but not mine because I gave birth to her and she belongs to me kind of.
Oh and Merry Christmas to everyone! We leave on Friday and we'll be back in a few weeks! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! Love ya :)


Mindi said...

I think it's great you let her do the dishes. My mom had us do dishes all the time and we loved it! You need to get her her very own apron, make her feel special!

Schaffer's said...

Super cute!!! She's so funny but I'm defiantly going to put her to good use when you come for the holidays!!! lol totally kidding but that would be nice!

the fellers said...


The Harker Family said...

Wow the benefits of having a girl first! Love it! Wish I had one of those too, but I'm stuck with the "bouncer brother" who basically only protects his sister, and neglects all household duties. Kyla is such a sweety! I love the pic of her doing dishes!

Megan said...

That is so great! Hadley helps out a lot too, but I think I need to be a little more willing to let her help out. Good job letting her do the dishes, and even putting them away even though they weren't cleaned perfectly. I'm impressed. Inspired even.

Alison said...

Mindy, I can always relate so much to your blogs. My kids want to help with everything and a lot of the time it is more work than help, but it is still good to let them. Now Reid and Jada are old enough to actually help a lot! Train 'em while they're young!!

amieandmichael said...

haha that is soo cute! what a good little helper!

Lynn said...

Kuddos to you for teaching her to be so responsible, kind, compassionate, thinking of others, and generally just letting her own personality come shining through!

Our oldest is just like Kyla. And still is to this day. She left home at 18....and is a completely responsible and smart girl. I'm just sayin' : D I think you will feel just as I happy that they learned so very young to be dependable and smart.

Way to go Kyla!

The Lowry's said...

Wow, she sure does help out a lot. Such a good girl

Randy, Capri, and Wyatt said...

So I am a little behind on my blog reading and I just read this post. I can't believe how fast they grow and how by watching you they learn how to do things. I remember when Kyla was just a baby!! This is too funny.
Wyatt is starting to help me unload the dishwasher. And when I am rinsing dishes off he hands me the next one. Kids. We hope you have a safe drive to your parents and have a good Christmas!!

Little Miss Baker said...

AWE! I love this haha made me smile hehe HAPPY HOLIDAYS lady! Hope everything goes fabulously. I've missed ya! haha

AuntieM said...

She's a little mommy in training! Hopefully she continues to enjoy helping you for a long time to come. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!