Saturday, December 05, 2009

December is here!

Which means it's almost Christmas! Holy.
This weekend was our ward Primary Christmas party and it was a lot of fun. It was crazy and there were a lot of people and tons going on but the kids loved it. Santa came and the girls all hated him. Kyla liked him but wouldn't go very close to him. So our Santa picture turned into a family Santa picture! At least no one is crying in it! The Santa was like, "don't force them" I thought, heck yes I will, I want a picture and I don't care if they are screaming in it. Yes I am a good mom.
They also had a gingerbread house competition and we did ours the day of so I wanted to keep it simple and fun. Kyla and I made it together, with Dustin watching and keeping Jayci and Presley happy. So since Dustin had no say in it, it turned out...well, not very masculine. We won for best roof and most elaborate!

in all it's glory! See told you it's masculine.

this was quite entertaining.

not too bad eh?

learning how to wrap a present


Lindsay said...

Cute pics! And when I first saw your gingerbread house, I didn't know whose it was, but I figured it must have been made by someone with little girls! Very pink and very cute!

Lynn said...

Love the gingerbread house!!! Great job. Cami tried to make one on her own today while we were busy getting car after car unstuck on our street.

Needless to say it didn't go so well......she took one look at it and said "It looks like the Blizzard hit my house too." LOL!

amieandmichael said...

That gingerbread house is amazing!! So colorful! And Kyla's hair is getting soo long. I love it!

Dustin, Rachelle & Jaxon Ririe said...

Super cute gingerbread house!!! You girls did a great job. WOW your girls are getting to be so grown up!
(And I have to say I LOVE your dark hair... gorgeous!)

Ashley Woolf said...

i think the same way with the pictures with santa... i got one for sydney and she is crying but i have to have one every year.

Mindi said...

Cute house! It's so darling. The twin you are holding in the santa picture...her face is priceless! I'm one of those moms too, if they scream, all the better picture it makes with Santa!

Ashley said...

The gingerbread house turned out great! Very girly. Fits your family perfectly ;)

the fellers said...

that was the cutest ginger bread house I have ever seen!! And how do you get the cute font on your blog...I LOVE that!!

Elaine said...

Cute pictures!!! The gingerbread houses look like so much fun! And good for you for getting a picture with the kids! At least they didn't cry right?