Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The house guest

There once was a cute little mom with a cute little girl, and one Sunday the mom decided to be a good mom that day (like every other day of course) and thought they should make some cookies together.
And like the good mom she is, she included her little twins...

And then all of the sudden a surprise guest came jingling at the door! The dad and two of the little girls ran to see who it was.
Well the dad (who just got home from work and was gross and smelt like the plant) couldn't wait and got quite excited, so he jumped right in. He even shafted out his poor little wife who was trying to fit into the picture.
Then after quite some time of asking Santa for gifts, (his list was similar to his non-materialistic wife's) he decided it would be nice to share with the little children. So over the little Presley came.
The oldest little girl was excited, but not enough to sit on his lap so she did well beside him.

Finally one of the little twins, Jayci, got the courage to come over after giving Santa a stare down from the kitchen. So she sat on the daddy's lap, while the little Presley showed him a book.
They didn't show much emotion at first but it made for a cute picture with 3 cute little girls.
But then the little twins couldn't hold in their hidden excitement anymore... (I don't think their parents ever told them about Santa.)
Little Jayci was the most excited.

Little Presley decided it was time to check out if he was the real thing.

And of course they had to have the whole family in there to remember this experience.

And so he handed out candy canes and went out the door, to his sleigh, to head home to the north pole!

And that was the end of the very special guest who came to The Francis house that Sunday night.

(Please don't be jealous of my story telling, it comes naturally.)


linda rae said...

Mindy...that is the cutest Christmas story ever. Your family is adorable, and I love your hair! You look even younger than the child-bride you are. LOL

Have a wonderful, MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

Linda Fairbanks

Megan said...

ha ha. Fun story! I wish Santa came to visit us! It must be because you're much closer to the North Pole or something...

Ryan, RoxAnn and Erica said...

They will never forget the memory. Remember when...

Elysa Johnston said...

How lucky are you guys to get a personal visit from Santa! And you are a great mom for making sugar cookies with your girls--those babies take a long time to make!

Lynn said...

Ha ha. That was great!!! Loved it. How special are you guys to get a personal visit from Santa, eh??!!

Ashley said...

How cool is that! How come you guys got so lucky? ;)

Jordana said...

That's awesome! I can't believe all your girls got their picture with him, so brave! My kids won't come close to Santa without screaming, haha. Oh yeah, and when Kyla is done at your house, tell her she can come over here and clean! Have a great trip and have fun with your family.