Thursday, December 03, 2009

I raise perfect children

I was tidying up in the basement and the girls were all upstairs playing. Kyla comes down stairs...

Mom I have to tell you something (smiling)
What's up
I changed Jayci's bum
I changed Jayci's bum! (Super proud of herself)
Right now you did??
Was it poopy?
I mean no, just pee
Where did you do it?
In her room

Well you can imagine the images I had going through my head. So I ran upstairs and into their room and looked around and just saw two little girls playing. Jayci's pj's were off and her onesie was open and sure enough there was a wet diaper on the floor. And there was Jayci with a clean diaper on! Pretty darn perfect too! What the?
I was shocked. So I said ok, now change Presley's. I wanted to see how she did it. So she did, Presley sat there perfectly still and she took off the wet diaper, wiped her and put a new one on.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing....


the fellers said... are SO lucky, that is awesome!!

Jennie Holt said...

thats hilarious!! what an awesome big sister!! i LOVE your family picture BTW...its darling!!

henline crew said...

thats why you have girls first. Boys would never do such a thing. They don't think like that.

Lynn said...

Amen to Henline Crew!

What a sweetheart of a daughter you've got there! She's going to be a pro babysitter in NO time at all!

The Anderson Family said...

So does Kyla want to come over and teach Emma to change Tobin's!!! That sweet. Who new she was paying attention to what you were actually doing! Way to go Kyla.

Angie said...

that is soooo cute. i love it!

Ashley said...

NICE! That's very exciting that you have that extra help.

Jordana said...

Hey Mindy, I love finding everyone's blogs. That is so funny, I can't believe the twins laid still for her to do it! Kyla's santa letter is so cute too, what a big girl! You guys need to come over and play sometime.

The Evansons said...

This give me a good idea, I'm going to train Aubrey to change diapers so when the new baby comes I won't have to lift a finger! GENIUS!

Nichelle said...

holy heck. that was probably a 'halelujah' moment for you.

The Harker Family said...

So hilarious!!! Love it!

Megan said...

Wow. Impressive!

The Coopers said...

aww, thats awesome! I wish i had her at my house!
seriously thought pretty darn cute.

The Lowry's said...

That is funny, Jaycie just barely did the same thing. I was in the shower she comes and tells me that Bryce had a poopy diaper and she changed him. Well I can't say that it was a perfect job, (she didn't wipe him very good) and I told her never to change a poopy again (who knows next time it might get messy) but thanks for trying to help out. What girls we have.