Sunday, November 01, 2009


Well this Halloween was not what we expected. Dustin asked for the day off so he could be with us and go to the ward trunk or treat Halloween party. I was so excited for the kids because I knew how much effort was put into it and how much was going on. They were going to have a spook alley, parade of costumes, games and then the trunk or treat with everyone decorating their trunks. Well that morning it decided to snow, lots! Like blizzard snow. We didn't have any snow on the ground and in one day we got all this! Who planned this? I should beat them. So the hill going up to the church had two semi's jack-knifed on it so the road was closed and the trunk or treat was cancelled! BOO! So they decided to do just a trunk or treat in a school parking lot right across the street from our house. How convenient for us! Our church is way on the other side of fort mac, about 15 minutes from us and there is only the one road going up to it and our ward lives all over here. So it was easier but still sucky! Dang weather!

Here we are at the trunk or treat. Dustin brought along a friend to hand out our candy.
How great is this picture. They loved him.

Then we had to go downtown because Jayci lost one of her earrings in her bed and I only found the back of it. Dustin used their quilts for his dude in the car and so somewhere from the house to the car it was lost. Well I stuck one of my earrings in, it was a huge pearl and I totally forgot to take a picture dang it. It was hilarious. So we had to go get her new earrings from the mall where we got them done. After all that, I went to switch them and I couldn't get the new one in! It was pure torture for her so I gave up and now I have to wait a few days and take her back to get it pierced again! Of course it had to happen to me and this is what I get from Dustin. "I told you we shouldn't of got them done." Ya whatever. Eat it.
Ok so then we came back and went trick or treating! It was so fun hiking through the snow especially with the stroller. I was not having 3 little kids to drag through the snow, so that was their trick or treating. It not like we need all that candy because who ends up eating it anyways? Me. And i'm trying to be healthy lately, I need a good immune system with all this sickness going around and I catch everything and it hits me 100 times worse than anyone else.

Kyla and Emma. BFF'S!

My girls loving the snow...


Trick or treating is fun right?
My little pirates!

Kyla and daddy

Jayci and Presley brushing all those sugar bugs out!

So that was our Halloween.

In other news (if you didn't notice in the previous pictures), I went to the dark side....

I love the second picture, it's so sassy! ha. Totally suits the hair right? We had a wicked photo shoot here, if you only could see the rest. Actually no you shouldn't. I think I like it and will stay this way for a while.

So that's all folks!


kelsey said...

i noticed it in the first picture of you, and i love it. your hair looks really good dark.
i love the pirate costumes. so cute.

Mindi said... in the snow! Cute pics.

Tim and Ashlee said...

Stupid snow! I'm so not ready for winter. Glad your Halloween turned out good though.

Lynn said...

I did notice the hair change in your snow picture! I think it looks GREAT!

Those pirate costumes are adorable! I can't believe that you guys had such HORRIBLE weather! It was the complete opposite here. And that was a surprise for us too. We always are the ones that get the blizzard. It was NO coat weather here this year. Crazy! Don't we live in the same province?? LOL!

Lindsay said...

I love little girls in pirate costumes, adorable! And that picture of Presley and Jayci scared of the man in the trunk is so hilarious! Here's hoping for better weather next Halloween!

Ashley said...

I really like your hair dark. I think it suits you! You look good.

Love the girls' costumes too. What a great idea to have all of them as pirates. So cute!

The Harker Family said...

Oh my goodness snow!!! Crazy! That's Alberta for you! I can't believe it didn't snow here as well. I bet it will be coming again this way. We've had a few dumps of snow here in Okotoks but then it melts so I hope your snow melts soon as well.

Sounds like you had a fun Halloween despite the weather! That's okay we stayed home because of all the H1N1 going around Okotoks. So I'm glad that my kids didn't get tons of candy, because just like you, I'm always the one who ends up eating all of it.

I can't believe you died your hair dark!!!! Oh my gosh I was so shocked! I love it, but I also love the blonde too. You look great in both.

Cichy's said...

Okay I found your blog and I have to say that I love your hair! It looks so good dark! You totally pull it off! Your kids are adorable as well! Looks like you guys had fun! Hope all is going well for you guys!

Brandon and Kristy said...

cute pics om my! love them all! where are pics of your costume though! well i love your dark hair! cant wait to see it in person, i really do love it alot alot.. and alsooo...

i think that it is very pretty long! lol . call me soon! hope all is great and the girls are getting so big, i cant wait to seeeeeee all of u guys at christmas time .. its comming sooo soon.

ps.. did u have fun at the trunk or treat!? i need more pics on here.. longest comment ever hope u like it!
love ya
kristy your favortie sister alwayse haha

Mackenzie said...

Maybe she swallowed her earring, that's what I did when I was about that age =)

Angie said...

hey, i love your hair dark! you should keep it like that!
that sucks about the snow, but it looks like you guys had a fun time anyway!

David and Cheryl said...

What a fun post! I love your trunk-or-treat idea! The friend looks awesome! Also, that's too bad about the weather, but I'm glad you got to go out for a bit with the girlies! I too like your new look, you really look great! Have a great day!

The Coopers said...

seriously really like your hair darker, super cute! and love the little pirates, Elias was a pirate as well!
too bad about the snow though... and that 1st picture is tooo funny!