Saturday, November 28, 2009

18 months!

This was 18 months ago.

Look how little, I forget how small they actually were. It's still a little surreal that I went through a pregnancy and delivery with two babies. It's actually kind of sad because it was a one time experience and it flew by. I wish I would of blogged or wrote more in my journal about it. Anyways I could go on about that forever.

So here is what these two are up to now.
-They still won't talk.... Nothing. I have tried and tried to have them mimic what I say, for example i'll say "ball" and they just stare at me with this "I really don't care" face and walk away. But they copy everything else, I mean everything! So who knows, maybe it's a twin thing.

-They aren't fighting as much lately which i'm hoping will stay like this. They actually run around laughing and playing. They will copy each other and laugh their heads off. They run then jump around and fall on their bums then they say "uh oh!" (the only thing they DO say) and they think it's hilarious.

-They love to climb onto the table, dance and jump around. So I now have to gate them out of the kitchen. They also get into the cereal cupboard which I can't lock because it's a door and I can't screw in a lock since we're renting. So that's another reason why we gate them out. Oh and they also know how to open the fridge. Lets just say the kitchen is off limits to these little scheming twins! Here is proof of why we do not let them in the kitchen anymore...

They just helped themselves to some cereal and thought they'd enjoy some cartoons

-They are finally getting more teeth, they both just broke through their 7th and 8th tooth.

-When you talk to them and they don't want to listen, they stop and turn their heads away... as if I can't still see them! Then they try to look at you from the corner of their eye and smile, it's really cute actually.

-So since we barricaded the kitchen off, they now go upstairs into theirs and Kyla's room and make the mess, but I fixed that so there isn't much to play with up there. I need to put some toys up there for them. They love to go down the stairs on their bums, they drop from one stair to the other. It can't feel good. And of course they think it's funny.

So that's about how their life goes day to day. They love to play with Kyla and each other and I can't wait until they actually talk and converse with each other. They are so happy and so much fun. This is my favorite age! I totally remember it with Kyla and I LOVED it! They are just so happy! And learning everything, and they get smart and totally know what you say and it's great! They love to give hugs and kisses and it's so awesome! Kyla wasn't a super cuddly baby, but they so are, it's the best!
Happy Prelsey
and Happy Jayci!

I love them
and this picture.
So there you have it, 18 months old! CRAZY! I am blessed with the best girls and as crazy as my life can get with them, I wouldn't change it for the world!


Mackenzie said...

that last picture is super cute.

Mackenzie said...

oops. kenzie is signed in. . . that was kelsey who made that comment. . . indeed.

The Anderson Family said...

Love the hair in the last picture... and it doesn't seem like 18months has gone by. Wow how time flies. You have beautiful girls. We love them all!

Lindsay said...

That last picture is to die for!

the fellers said...

I cant believe how small they were! Time goes by WAY too fast, just the other day we figured out that in 3 1/2 years Rylee will be in Kindergarten, it was so sad to think about!!! They are so cute, and they probably talk to each other when you are looking, and then one day they will just start talking away!!!

Little Miss Baker said...

I LOVED this post!! They are gorgeous and sound like such dolls to have around :) Love your new header pic too! Your hair is amazing dark!!

The Harker Family said...

So, so cute! Look at their hair growing in! Adorable. It goes quick doesn't it! Cadrien was born a week before they were so she's the same age, and so I totally know the whole "get in trouble stage" that they are going through right now.

Ashley said...

I can't believe it has been 18 months! That IS crazy! They are so cute. You can definitely see their hair coming now.

Lynn said...

Oh this is huge! They've officially hit Nursery age! : D