Monday, February 16, 2009

how cute am I

Happy Valentines Day!
So for Valentines I wanted to do something different, I usually do something little but cute. Last year I cut out pink and red hearts and plastered our house wall and on each one of them was a different reason why I love Dustin. I know i'm a good wife that way. ha no he loved it. Well this year I decided to get creative and write a poem! I've never written a poem before, ever. So I will definately share with you all cuz I really was proud of it!

In the movie of our life

In the movie of our life
Staring just you and me
I agreed to be your wife

Cuz you said “Marry me”

It’s almost been 5 years

And I know you all too well
Here’s what I’ve grown to love
It’s a story I will tell

We met through a friend one night
You were quite good looking I’ll say

You were a basketball star

And not from the KKK!

We tied the knot in spring
The best day of my life

We were married for eternity

I promised to be the best wife

We moved around alberta

To find the perfect place

You brought me to fort mcmurray
So there wasn’t a welfare case

We discovered some things we’re good at

I guess I like to give birth

Hey we’re doing what we’re told

They said to replenish the earth!

You are such a hard worker
No matter what the task

You never complain or say no

To anything I ask

You have some great goals

One is to have some toys

But maybe if your lucky

You’ll get some baby boys!

We get a long so well
And there is no better half
You know just what to say

And you always make me laugh

I love you way too much

You are my perfect mate

Except for one small thing

How you always make me late!

We’ve only had a few scenes
There is so much more to write

I can’t wait to see the whole story
I’ll be front row opening night.

I love you. Mindy

I also bought a little something for Dustin. Something I knew he would love...Thank you La Senza! We had a great night just spending time together. We did go out to dinner but I didn't really want to do anything else but come home and just be cute together and of course full of love love love!

Well that's my Valentines post! I was going to put this on here on Valentines day but it wouldn't load. So here you are.


henline crew said...

Good job, I loved your poem. Your so creative!
I love La Senza....well James loves La Senza. ha! I'm glad you had a good night. James and I went out for supper with our 3 kids!! bah! We are cool that way. But like you said, all we wanted to do was come home and put kids to bed. Oh and some strangers paid for our meal which was awesome so I guess it was worth taking the kids. Happy Valentines Day

the fellers said...

you are so cute!

Jessica said...

Nicely done on the poem!!!! I'm very impressed... you spent most of your time in English Class filing your nails, or writing me notes!! haha.

Elysa Johnston said...

Cute poem, and love the Valentine pics of the girls, love the bows :)

Thanks for getting me started on blogger...I'm learning slowly, but surely, and I think I'm gonna be an addict too!

Jessica Brooks said...

hi mindy!
i found your blog thru somebody else's and it is so cute! i hope you don't mind. i love the poem! so creative!

The Anderson Family said...

Nice work on the poem! You are a girl of many talents. Very clever poem. It almost made me cry! I think its the last of the pregnancy hormones leaving my body! Hopefully there almost out!

Mark and Hilary said...


Lynn said...

You two are SO cute! Loved the poem. Very impressive!

Hope you don't mind....but I think I am going to steal your last year's idea for next year. That was cute too!

Kels said...

you are super cute. and thoughtful. i hate being sick on holidays. . . i make all these great plans, and then just lie around whining all day! lol. thanks for posting pics with your poem!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know mother's could be in the "heat" after 3 small kids :) Keep up the good work!

Janas Bananas said...

That was a great poam I am impressed...I bet he cried didn't he?? I also love your heart idea, you are a good wife. La Senza also a good choice, you can never o wrong there eh?? Always the best gift!!! Glad you had a great valentines!

Anonymous said...

this was almost dirty hahaha not the poem that was cute. You are such a good wife I only got Paul an ipod shuffle and a card... He was very sick so I couldn't really make plans...