Friday, February 20, 2009

oh my giveaways

So I want to win all of this cool stuff, seriously if I don't I probably will go buy it! So go get a chance to win cuz they even have a KITCHEN AID!!! I have wanted one forever!! So either click on the birthday bash link on the right or click here

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the fellers said...

Hey, we got that chair like 2 years ago at Target or Walmart...I cant remember. But we LOVE is the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair....I swear it was like $45 American when we got it...but I just looked on Amazon and they have it for $54 and then I found it on the target site here
and then I found it on Wal-mart .com here

and it was only $49 there..but I dont know how much shipping would be, or if it is different for Canada...if it is cheaper for you, there is free site to store shipping, and if you know anyone coming this way, you could buy it and have it sent to the walmart by me, and I could pick it up for you...same for Target...if it is cheaper for you to do it that way...I dont know...but we love this chair, and they turn into boosters too, we havent used it for a booster yet, cause Rylee needed it right when Scoty was ready for a booster, so we just got a booster...but it is great. the ONLY thing I dont like about it, is that the seat cover is NOT machine is vinyl, so you can wipe it down, but it gets hard, cause stuff gets under the seat cover and it doesnt wipe off as good underneath, but I am sure most are like that...let me know what you decide! Good luck!