Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I honestly have never been happier and I love my husband and my girls. I am so blessed with living in Fort Mcmurray and we LOVE our life. I have said before that I have the best marriage and I am truly married to my best friend, we talk about anything and everything. I am so grateful for my friends, everyone needs the love and support of friends. I love you all.

Not too much has happened lately for me to blog about and I haven't took any pictures. I just deleted my memory card, so be prepared! I am even going to take some videos of Jayci crawling and the kids just playing around. We'll see if I can get them on here too. Dustin and I took an overnight trip to Edmonton with just the babies and us on Sunday night. I had a specialist appointment on Monday morning and we did some shopping and then came home. It was so nice to get away for even a day! It felt longer thats forsure and it was fun! That's honestly all that has happened lately so i'm sorry for no pictures. I will try and get some on in the next day or two because I do need to be better at taking pictures. I think it's because I hate my camera, maybe i'll get a better one soon here.


Kels said...

it's true, negativity really is a downer! some people just don't know how to be nice, but i know i'm guilty of totally saying something in the heat of the moment too and then regretting it. oh, if only we could all be perfect eh? then there wouldn't be much excitement though.

i am so excited to see pics. hurry up already!!! p.s. how did your appt. in edmonton go? is everything okay?

Jessica said...

I have seriously been thinking about that exact thing.. and I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feelings. Jeff and I were talking and he said that when people say mean or negative things it's because they are not happy with themselves and that it's their way of dealing. Can't wait to see more pics!!

kyleandtaryn said...

I totally agree with you on this one. It's true that when we blurt things out it is obviously something that has weighed on our minds. Sometimes in frustration it's the ones we love the most that we cut...I've definitely been guilty of that before. Oh to be perfect.
I am the same with pictures...I have been so bad at taking them, I hope I can remember things enough to at least write them down. I'll be better. I'm getting the camera right now. ha.

Lynn said...

That's it!!

When you said this:

" People don't just say things, they obviously have thought about it because no one can just make stuff up on the spot. I think we all have positive and negative opinions on everything but we just keep the negative to ourselves. What would the world be like if we all looked at the negative in everything and voiced it. So thats why I think when things are said in anger, it's their negative thoughts. "

That's when I said... "That's it!!!" I have been trying to figure out why an old friend did what she did. I just couldn't put it into words. You did for me! Thanks for thinking out loud. Thanks for venting. It feels better once I have seen those words in print.....not that negative thoughts feel better.....just that I now can put a finger on it.....oh you know what I mean. : S LOL!