Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ABC's of twins (and a toddler)

I thought it would be a fun idea to come up with the ABC'S of twins (and a toddler) I'm sure this list is the same with one, two or 5 babies! Of course altered a bit. I can feel my life getting crazier everyday as the babies get bigger and are wanting more attention. I don't like to sound like my life is terrible cuz it's not, I feel like i'm just like every other mom out there. I don't think I have more of a challenge than any of you. We are given what we can handle no matter how many kids at any age.

If you have any to add, please tell me, i'd love to hear them!
A-attitude, your attitude is everything and I truly believe it rubs off on your kids. They can tell if you are having a bad day or a good day and if you are happy they will be too!
B- Baths, Bottle/Breastfeeding. Two things that take up a good portion of time, I think of this a Bonding time (another B word!)
C- cleaning, wait what? what does that mean? I hate living in a messy house. I don't think i'm anal about having the house clean it's just living in the mess that I hate. If that makes sense. Especially being home all day and we don't have the biggest house. I'm glad that when I get in the cleaning mood I clean like crazy so it's over and done with. But when my house is messy it can change my entire mood so I like to take the time to clean it if it's needed...when I get time ;)
D- diapers...I don't even think about it, I just do it
E- energy, whether you have it or not you need it
F- finances, kids definately change the way you look at money. I find it a huge help to sit down and do a monthly budget of what's coming and going
G- girls! we have a tendancy to make girls! I love having 3 girls, i have 3 sisters and so I know what it's like to have all girls and I loved it. I can't wait until they are all older and can be best friends (and somedays enemies when they want to borrow a shirt and the other one says no haha) poor Dustin ;)
H- help, when someone offers help, take it! I should take my own advice. I have a hard time accepting help cuz it's another way for saying, "I can't do this!" and everyone else obviously has their own life and own resposibilities to worry about. Especially when I don't have any family around to depend on for stuff. So I am really grateful for the people who help without even asking cuz I am one of those people who doesn't like accepting it.
I- illness, we all know how hard it is to have sick kids especially when they are in the hospital. Kyla had croup at 10 months old, Presley had Meningitis and both babies were in the hospital for 3 weeks after being born, they weren't sick but it was close enough. Even when they get a small cold it's hard to see them not feeling 100% Somehow I wish I could take it all in myself so they won't have to go through it.
J- joy, the great joy of children! how cheesy eh? this is all I could think of for J any better ideas??
K- kisses, lots of kisses!! My sister understands me when I say I sometimes want to just make out with them! ha, that sounds bad but when you kiss their little cheeks over and over you just want to smush your face in theirs! I can't get enough kisses!
L- laugh, don't forget to laugh. Try to look at the funny side of things and it will make life a whole lot happier.
M- mistakes, we are all going to make mistakes when it comes to our parenting. You have to give yourself permission to make mistakes. We are always gonna look back and wish we had done something differently but we do the best we can. We need to tell ourselves, 'Today, I will do the best I can with what I have at this time.'
N- no expectations, I came into this with no expectations. That way it will always be better than I thought. Everyday is different when it comes to parenting and children so just take it as it comes and you won't be dissapointed when something doesn't go as planned
O- organization, as some of you have noticed I like to be organized. I make lists and charts and reminder notes and I like to have a schedule. I set up everything I need downstairs and upstairs so I don't have to run up and down the stairs all the time. (although the exercise couldn't hurt) But I feel much better when things are organized.
P- patience...enough said!
Q- quiet, this is a rare thing but I try to get some quiet time while the babies are napping. Turn off the TV and enjoy! Even if I am cleaning or doing laundry, at least the house is quiet. If Kyla stays quiet herself long enough to keep the babies asleep...
R- rest, sometimes I just sit on the couch (for a very short amount of time, maybe 5 minutes if i'm lucky) and do nothing. It keeps me sane when I take a small breather. ha I make it sound like I have a chaos life, it's not that bad.
S- schedule, I said this one before kind of but I am big on this one.
T- two, obviously...two of everything!!
U- unconditional love
V- voices, the little noises I hear from all my girls is the best sounds I hear. Even if it's an "I love you mom" from Kyla, or a giggle from the babies it makes all my stresses and worries go away and it just makes everything right.
W- wife, sometimes I think this comes second to mom and maybe it's supposed to but I sure am blessed to be a wife to such an amazing man. We have the best marriage and have gotten through so much together and we talk about everything. I think communication is the key to having a great marriage. Dustin is honestly the best man I could of married, we are perfect for eachother. I love him ya ya mushy mushy stuff but you're just jealous! ;)
X- what in the world starts with X?? other than x-ray and xylaphone, ha
Y- young, i am 23 and have 3 kids. I didn't ever think I'd have this many kids at this age. You should see the looks I get when I go to the grocery store, I can just imagine what people are thinking. I don't care though, how many people can say they feel like their life is right at 23. I sure can, we might have more kids but for now we sure are happy with what we got! Age doesn't matter to me!

And now for another story of Kyla. Well this week is potty training week and she hasn't has any accidents in 3 days. (cross you fingers) Well today she went potty all by herself again and I of course praised her with "yay's" and "good girls", well in the midst of my "mom freaking out moment" Kyla goes "Mom, no! Don't be silly, lets wash hands now" What a terd eh.

Oh and ps: I just realized how rediculously long this post is, I guess I was really bored that day. I wrote this a few days ago.


Lynn said...

LOL! The potty training incident is hilarious!

Loved this post. Your ABC's are awesome. Be glad you didn't have to put x-ray in the "X's". : D

henline crew said...

You could have done "X-citing" for your x. Yeah I know, I'm a lame-o haha.

Kyla is so funny. I dont think Jared would even notice if I ever cleaned him off or not. Boys!!!