Sunday, October 19, 2008


I think that's how you spell it! Oh well who cares I am so happy! I got a new computer!!! I was so excited when we got it home I was dancing around in the kitchen and just so happened to jump right into the corner of our counter and bash my hipbone on it!! I collapsed to the floor (I know I am dramatic) and Dustin just laughed so hard, well so did I. Seriously these days I am losing it. I was pouring some juice this morning and realized I was pouring cereal into my cup instead. Ya I know. Also I cannot drive properly so if you see me on the road, watch out. Is it from having kids?? I am gonna blame it on that. Anyways back to the computer, its a laptop and I love it to death! We got an awesome deal on it too. I like to count it as part of my birthday present, even though it's not really. Dustin did spoil me for my bday. He got me a massage from a spa up here and some cute bubble bath from the same place. Also we went out for dinner with some friends and had them over for games and cake on Saturday night. Well here are some pictures from our latest things, I haven't taken very many and I need to take more but here are a few! This is the girls! Almost 5 months old (this tuesday) Jayci in yellow, Presley in the pink. They do look so much alike but Kyla looked just like them, I'll do a comparison post. Jayci has a rounder face than Presley.
I'm pretty sure this is Presley ha
and I think this is Jayci
This was our Halloween Gingerbread house I got from the dollar store, so cute eh? We had so much fun decorating it and Kyla had fun eating the candy and black icing!
And this is what makes my days so special, my 3 girls.


Lynn said...

LOL! You are so cute.
Happy computin'!

Your baby girls (ALL 3) are adorable!!!!

Angie said...

yay for a new computer!! the twins are getting so big! they have such nice big eyes.

Kaylee said...

i can't believe they're almost five months that went quick! crazy! what are they all being for halloween