Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Pumpkins and more

Well I couldn't decide whether to vent about how bad my day was yesterday or just get over it and tell you about our better night. I'm not one to dwell on a bad day cuz it does no good and every day is different. I like to take it one day at a time, so i'll just forget it and move on! Now for our night, we finally got to carve the pumpkins. I bought white ones this year cuz I always thought they were cute.

So we convinced Kyla to clean out the pumpkin with her hands and she hated it, she was like ah eww and started wiping her hand on her shirt and chair to try and get it off. She doesn't like to be dirty. What a girl eh?

Cleaning it with a spoon, she liked that idea better.Here is mine and Kyla's pumpkin, I did one but it wasn't done until later cuz I had to do hers and then feed the babies etc...bla bla bla To get Kyla to smile normal for a picture is like pulling teeth! It's either a cheesy fake smile or something like this! But we get some cute ones in the mean time I guess!
Told ya!

Dustin and his Friday the 13th pumpkin ha
Kyla loves the girls, she always wants to hold them, lay by them on the floor or play with them. She is so smart and loves to help me with them all the time. Funniest thing, we got invited over to Jill and Travis's house on Sunday night to have cake and hang out anyways Kyla was laying in Jill's room in the bed watching Dora on their TV, well I went in and sat on the bed by her to feed the baby, the door was open so I still was covered with a blanket. Well Kyla leans over and says, "Who is that little weiner....Presley??" ha I laughed so hard, can you tell what Dustin calls them sometimes??? Great huh. Oh and she has also caught on to "shut up" (she just mumbles that one to herself) and "Oh my Gosh!" She also tells the babies when they are crying, "i'm coming baby, hang on i'll be right there" and then she'll go to them and pat their tummy and say "what's the matter baby its ok, why so sad?" funny girl, I could go on for hours about her and one post I will. This is all Jayci, I guess Presley got neglected this day. She was probably sleeping in the swing for hours on end, they love that thing and if their happy I don't care how long they are in it! Don't judge me! ha
They are starting to sit up with help of course but I can't believe how strong they are. She is doing this by herself, Dust has his hands behind her to catch her if she falls. Isn't she the cutest little peanut!! I love them!


Jessica said...

I love how Kylas personality totally shows in the pictures. She has the cutest grin! Your hair is looking long, I love it.
The white pumpkins are fabulous!!

Angie said...

ohh, i love the white pumpkins!

The Nilsson Family said...

Your white pumpkins are too cute. And that weiner comment of Kyla's is WAY TOO FUNNY!

Kels said...

i love everything that kyla says, post more! ha. she must be so fun to have around. i can't wait for the talking. your babies are getting so big! i can't even believe how far they've come from being so tiny!!!

Mackenzie said...

hahaha, Kyla kills me! her "it's okay honey' to Nolie the other day, TOO FUNNY!

Lynn said...

Your girls are adorable!
I can so relate to the "needing a real or normal smile" comment. I have one of those too.. She always has to pose for the camera or be silly. I truly think she doesn't understand what a normal smile means. LOL!

I bought one of those white pumpkins too. My mom says that they are the best kind to eat. So sweet. I haven't tried eating one yet. I might have to try.

the fellers said...

haha...I love that Kyla said that! So funny!

devri said...

I love your blog and your kiddo's

My 6th month baby was a twin, but sadly he didn't make it, so it is fun to see yours and think what if?

Awllll BEEEEEEE BAUckkkkkkkkkkk

kyleandtaryn said...

Okay, now I'm waiting for a post just about Kyla because I can't stop laughing about her little comments! Little weiner...that is so Dustin, funny how they pick up on everything! I miss you guys!

Kristy and Brandon said...

awww so cute!! they r getting so big!! aw i wish i was there!! i can not tell the difference at all anymore!! i love it. so so cute. they really are..

Christine Peterson said...

ha ha i love the "which weiner is that" oh my gosh that is soooo funny