Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She's all grown up

I decided to dedicate this post to my daughter and her ability to constantly amaze us! It started on January 1st, Dustin was in the kitchen cooking supper and I was sick on the couch (as usual.) Dustin and I got Kyla a potty for Christmas to start her interest in it, really not expecting anything to happen right away. Well I was in the bathroom and Kyla said "potty" well I figured why not give it a try. So I stripped her down and sat her on it, well she said "mommy out" over and over and started to push me out of the bathroom. So out I went, I guess she wants her privacy! Well I had to come lay down cuz I was so sick and I asked Dustin to check on her. He went in and she said "daddy out!" and pushed him out. So a couple minutes later Kyla came walking out of the bathroom saying "pee! pee!" Dustin went in and she did! She peed in her potty all by herself! Since then she has gone about 6-7 times, a couple she barely missed cuz she is so persistant on having us out and worries so much about making sure we are out. It's quite funny. Well she is now to the point where tonight she said "potty" and started to take her sleeper off. So I took her in, she said "mommy out," closed the door, and then she went! I am amazed at how easy this child is making it for us! I never expected it this early, but I will sure take it. The trouble during the day is I get so tired that sometimes my patience isn't very high to wait for her and make sure she doesn't pee all over. I think she is getting it though and the rest should be pretty easy...I hope. I think maybe she is such an easy girl so when we have these twins we won't know what hit us! She is also talking like crazy, and can pretty much say anything. The other day she all of the sudden started pernouncing her 's' and 'l' I have no idea how she does it, she just learns so fast and remembers EVERYTHING! She is so entertaining and I love to play with her cuz she is so smart and just so much fun. I can't wait for her to be our big helper when these babies come.
I have my first appointment since finding out we were having twins on Monday, so i'm excited and hopefully our ultrasound the same week. I'll keep you posted!

Here she is telling us to get out and trying to shut the door. So funny

She is saying "pee!" in this picture, and wanting to point to it.

Here's my big girl on her potty!


Anonymous said...

How fun! Is she even 2 yet? We have been potty training Brighton the last week. He has been in underwear for the last 5 days and only had 4 accidents. Hopefully it will continue to go good for you! Keep us posted on what the doctor says on Monday. You need a new tummy pic too!

Ashlee said...

Wow! Training herself. That's great. So you're going to Fort Mac eh? When you going? Oh and I was thinking today...with three kids and three carseats -- are you getting a mini-van?

The Fellers said...

oh my gosh, she is so cute! Seriously! That is awesome that she figured that out all by herself, such a help to you with being sick and stuff! I hope Scoty is that easy, but I dont think he will be, he is pretty dang stubborn! Anyways, as for the comment you made on my post...I loved that second picture, but I guess it is cause I knew what it was husband had no clue either...I am sitting cross legged, looking down on my feet look weird, but yeah, that is what is it...and you are SO not as big as me, I am sure of it! I am HUGE! Atleast I feel like it!

The Shurtz Fam said...

What a smart girl!
I think you need to fill us all in in this fort Mac thing... I must be out of the loop!
Hope you're feeling better soon!

Jake & Kelsey said...

awww... she's so freaking cute. that's awesome if she can get trained so you don't have 3 babies in diapers! crazy.