Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Baby Francis #2!

Well it's true we are adding another child to our family! After 4 months of pregnancy tests and getting my hopes up, I figured this time i'm not going to think about it and when it is supposed to happen it'll happen. So I took the test early since I had a Dr's appointment the next day anyways and if it was positive I wouldn't have to make another appointment. (My Doctor takes forever to get into) Anyways I had Dustin look at the test and I really didn't think it was positive. He's like, "What is pregnant again?" I said "Two lines" so he smiled and slowly moved the box from on top of it to show me one line... then two! I was so excited because it's not what I thought at all! So we waited until Christmas to tell everyone so that all our family could be there and I could be 3 months already. Dustin wanted to wait this time, but it worked out perfectly. I am now almost 13 weeks and showing already! It was fun when we told cuz I had a tiny belly coming, we had to hide it for a week or so since I was showing already.
It's been fun but it's hard to enjoy it since I've been so sick. I am really hoping that it'll go away soon, i'm so worn out from puking and not being able to eat anything. I haven't gained any weight yet either, which isn't neccesarily a bad thing since you aren't really supposed to gain much in your frist trimester. But i've been puking so much so it's kind of hard to gain anything when you can't keep your food down! Poor Dustin has been so good helping me at home. My house hasn't been clean in about 6 weeks and making dinner is ancient history for me! Definately never eating spagetti or mixed veggies again!
Well we are due July 17th so far but we have an ultrasound on Thurs, the 3rd to confirm our dates so i'll let you know forsure. We aren't going to find out what we are having because I loved the feeling with Kyla when they told us when she was born. It was the most amazing feeling when they said, "It's a Girl!" I can definately wait for that moment again.

I will be way better at this blogging thing now that I realized how fast time goes being 3 months already! Here is a couple pictures of my newest bump!

This is 10 weeks

This is 12 weeks, yikes!

This was when we told the family, I love this picture


The Fellers said...

I am sorry you have been so sick, it is so much harder to be sick with your second one....I know your pain! I hope it goes away soon! Where you this sick with Kyla??

Angie said...

I love your little bump, it's so cute. sorry your so sick, I hopw it eases up a bit for you.

Kendall & Julie Allred said...

I am soo excited for you guys!! I think there is something in the water because everywhere I go someone is prego=) Congrats.

Jake & Kelsey said...

i love the picture with your family--it's the best!!! i hope you start feeling better, ugh. i hate being sick!

The Fellers said...

oh man...the bump....well it has been there since about 8 weeks...you start showing A LOT faster huh? Yeah, we tried to find out, but the baby wasnt too cooperative..."she" wouldnt open her legs....but they did see the "three white lines/dots" that they look for, but they couldnt confirm that there were no boy landmarks....I cant wait to find out, I am way too impatient, one of them I dont want to find out though...once I have one of each....So we think a girl, but could still be a boy, I will just get all girl stuff, keep the receipts, and if I have to take it back, then I have all the boy stuff....easy! You are so cute by the way!