Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Schools out

Schools out! So you all know what that means? We have to entertain all of the children ALL of the days! 
So many people couldn't wait for summer holidays, while in the back of my mind was...Disaster in the house all day. All the kids around ALL day. I have to keep them happy ALL day! When you're used to majority of them gone to school you kinda get down time and the house stays clean for like two hours... Then you eat another meal. But you can even do laundry AND fold it. I know, amaaaazing. I remember one time I even made banana bread... Just kidding I made it more than once. Twice. I made it twice. Just ask my sister how many times I had rotten bananas sitting on my counter and I would say, "I'm going to make banana bread." I ain't lyin. 

So today I took my kids with my sister Britt and her kiddos to the parade and then to Mac island events where it's INSANE. Oh let me point out last night I snapped my ankle while running across first base in softball and it may be sprained or broken or something, whatevs. So I wrapped it. That helped. Kind of. I nursed while we made it through the gigantic crowd, Kyla pushing the stroller and as we go I am constantly counting my kids. Isn't that why we had 5, incase I lose one we still have an army? Kidding. 

But I literally came back and had to lay down and I didn't move for like an hour. Kids fended for themselves and I was paralyzed. Exhausted. So I made the kids clean up (hello mystery clean up) and sent them outside. 
I then asked Laken what they wanted for supper. She said, "pizza!" (We like never have that...) and I said "I don't have any pizza" she goes, "uh ya you get it from the mailman at the door, remember?! I guess that's what mailmen deliver these days. 
So we had waffles. I really need groceries. Kyla said, "this is the best Canada Day supper EVER!" Jayci pipes up "ya it is because you couldn't cook anything so we got GOOD food!" 
Uh, thanks? Trust me, I would cook waffles and KD everyday and be the best mom in the world! 

So, since it's summer, "mom can we switch beds tonight?!" Sure. Then you're in bed by 730. Which turned to 8... Then they need drinks, they are hot, one stubbed her toe. Weird how that happens when you're in bed! One has a scratch on her foot from... Yesterday! One is freaked out by her sisters doll on the shelf. All the while I'm bathing baby so he sleeps better, he's teething and it's my favorite. So Dust just gets home, goes up and puts baby back to bed and helps one or two kids with what they need. Comes down, Parks cried again. He goes "ugh!" I said don't even, you just got home. He's like "I know the kids just need this and need that." Welcome the the past 2 hours Hun! TAP OUT. 

But in all honesty, we do have great kids. It's just sometimes insane! My girls will always step up to help and constantly help with Parks if he eat something off the floor or well, eats something off the floor. He's like a vacuum. If it's food I really don't care! 5th kid guys, at least he's getting some nutrients with his grazing right? 
Kyla's a little mom and the twins have really stepped up lately and it's great. We do live in a small house for only a little while longer and they know how and where they should help. We did their lemonade stand this weekend again and I asked them what they wanted to save for this year. Last year they saved almost $200 for holidays. They all said to buy a house. It was amazing. They understand how things don't come free and you have to work for them. We are grateful for Dust working all he can and me working while raising these 5 kids! Trust me it's not easy working lately but I'll do what I can to help. I want to get to an amazing place in my career one day so baby steps for right now. 

Anyways, Happy Canada Day friends!! We sure have awesome people in our life and are grateful for every single one and to live where we live. My husband has an amazing job where he gets to work overtime and has opportunities some don't. We've worked hard to get here and are thankful every day for that. 

I think all my kids are asleep so that means I can go to sleep too! Ha ya right. 
Night all. 

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