Monday, July 06, 2015


After a lot of back and forth debate if I should blog this or not I decide why the hell not? 

I do not live life to any ones expectations but my own. My husband and children are the main and most important thing in my life.
We live with love, we live with caring, we put others first and teach manners. We teach with love and kindness (well except at bedtime, like really kids go tooooo SLEEP) we teach how family is the most important thing. That there are rules and consequences for your actions. You be grateful for what you have. Set goals for yourself, aim as high as you want, because you can achieve anything you want too! You support others even if it's not what you think to be right. You be kind to everyone, no matter what, but also stand up for yourself and don't let others walk all over you. 
Love your parents, they make mistakes and this is their first time being a parent so cut them a little slack if they mess up. Love your dad because he works his ass off for this family. Love your mom because she's going crazy figuring out how to be a good mom every day, all day and doing the best she can. 
Aim to find the best husband possible, someone who treats you right. Who is motivated to provide for your family and treat you like gold. Someone who you also respect and look up too as a man and father. 
Go to school and get an education, work towards something. You only live once so make it a count. 
Forgive others. No ones perfect and people mess up, forgive them for the mistakes they make. Forgive yourself and the mistakes you make because you will but don't live with regrets. Mistakes are there for you to learn from. 
Don't sit around and wait for someone to hand you life, go get it yourself. Be inspired in everything. Learn from everything. 
Be healthy and active. Have fun every day. Laugh at things and learn to let things go. Don't worry until you have too. Love your family and be there for your siblings. They are the only ones who will always be there. Family is so important. 

With all this being said. These are just a few things we try to raise our children with. We are not perfect parents we just do what we know is best for us and our children. I feel like there's been a huge elephant in the room for a few years now which has really been behind the scenes even longer. Dustin and I have left our church. We are more than happy with our decision and we know there will be speculation but we don't care. I am an open book so feel free to ask me anything. I won't debate and I won't persuade others to live how I do but I know this choice was the best choice for us and we have never been happier or closer as a family. This has been a journey for Dustin and I for years. That's all I want to say about that but I felt it needed to be put out there because there's a side to my life I always feel I can't talk about because of how I've been raised or other people in our lives. 

There have been so many supportive people with our decision and we are really grateful for that. We appreciate respect from others and we also respect others. 

I hope and pray to be the best parents we can be to these children. I hope I can be the best wife I can. I have so many goals in life I want to accomplish and with this family I have, I know I can. I have the hardest working husband I know. He's more than my husband but my best friend. I'm so grateful we have the same goals and desires in life, that's rare to find. I'm definitely one of the lucky ones. I'm lucky I could have 5 children. I know there are people who can't have children of their own and I never take a day for granted these little people are mine. No matter how crazy or stressed out I get I wouldn't change it for anything. It's worth it. 
We love every friend and family member in our lives. There are some amazing people in this world. 

Love everyone and remember you only live once... So make it a good one.


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