Monday, June 02, 2014

Goin on a bear hunt

"Hey babes, you wanna go for a drive tonight together and maybe see if we can see a bear?" 

That's the question I was asked on Friday night by Dustin. I thought to myself, a quiet drive with my husband would be awesome. So relaxing and quiet plus some time together. Little did I know the drive meant "road trip" for over an hour out of town and on bumpy ass side roads. I fell asleep on the drive so I had no say in the moment. I played the good wife and just went along with it. We finally headed back but every side road he saw looked like a "good spot" to get a bear. So we pulled in and off roaded some more. Oddly enough the bear we did see was right off the highway in the tree line. He tried to shoot it, I waited in the truck, but the bear smelled him and ran. 

It was definitely nice to get some alone time! But I'm not the best hunting partner while pregnant, sorry babe. I don't think I'll be his first choice next time...

Speaking of, I have been owning this pregnancy! Cleaning all day, running kids here and there. Not one little mess to find in my house. I became a little OCD. This week that feeling has passed. I have ZERO motivation and feel huge! I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead and I'm only 22 weeks. My back is starting to hurt and my energy is gone. I was so excited how smooth sailing I had it... Son of a. 
But I have a long ways to go still, so I'll just take it one day at a time. I think I grew a lot more these past two weeks so that didn't help. There's no gradual growing here. It is the fastest growing belly I've had! Oh and I didn't even gain weight this month! So weird. Anyways, enough of the pregnancy. That was supposed to be a separate post. But I ramble sometimes. Deal with it.

Here are some pics from our "little drive".
And no I didn't shoot the gun. Hells no. Not that thing. Especially pregnant, I couldn't even hold it up. I clearly wanted a pic to look bad ass. Don't be hatin on my wardrobe selection either. I was trying to look the part. 

Booya, owned it. 

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