Monday, May 19, 2014

Guess who's back


That's right, after a very long time I am back to blogging! I have been wanting to start up again for a while and there's so much going on in our lives that I need to start documenting it again. I love reading back on old posts and they seem like yesterday!

Ok, lets catch up.

Dustin got a new job out at Suncor! All our (his) hard work it finally paid off and he got the job we've been working towards. This job opens so many doors for us and we are so so excited about it!

I stopped doing photography over the winter. It's too damn cold and I hate the cold, so I took a break while Dustin started his new job. Also I couldn't work with his schedule, being new he pretty much was all over the place and any overtime he took it. There wasn't time for me to work, which I was totally fine with. After the winter I had to start doing something. When we first got married I went to hair school and then had kids and never went back to it. So I decided to take a hair extension course! I love it! But I haven't been doing too many of them, between our schedules with the girls in activities and Dustin working it doesn't leave much time or energy for me to work.
 But one other major reason i'm not working much is we are expecting baby #5! Now let me get into the details, because we all know I like to overshare...
Since Laken was born I never felt like we were done having kids. Dustin on the other hand would ask me WEEKLY "do you think you're done?" He would particularly ask when i'm in the worst moods or the kids were driving me crazy. He learned to stop doing that pretty quick! So last summer we were talking on a trip to Edmonton and he told me he could see us having another baby. I was like "wait, what? ok hold on... i'm not ready!" A few months went by where we would talk about it seriously because Laken was almost 3 and we didn't want a huge gap between her and the last. In December I had some conditions... I really wanted a fall baby, always have, and since all 4 of our girls are spring (within a month of each other) I really didn't want another spring baby. I didn't want a Christmas baby and I wanted to be pregnant through the summer for once. I am so sick of layering and bundling and not being able to breathe in winter being pregnant! So that left us with one month to try for a baby. January. We said lets do it. If it's meant to be, we'll get pregnant. And who woulda thought, we did! We were both beyond shocked but so happy!

So we announced when I was 13 weeks and my poor family was ready to shoot me because I wanted to wait to announce it. But i'm glad we did.

The Announcement pic!


So each pregnancy has been different how we found out what we were having. Kyla was a surprise, the twins we found out and told everyone, and Laken, Dustin and I found out but no one knew we knew, so it was a secret the whole time except to us two. So this time I obviously had to find out (just incase it was a boy maybe this time...) and so I wanted to go all out and do a fun gender reveal party! Jill was nice enough to host it for us and it was so much fun!! I bought silly string and Dustin, me and the girls each had a can and sprayed it all at once. It was seriously so much fun! My parents had to work so my three sisters were on facetime and Dustin's parents and other sister were on speaker phones. We had some close friends and Jill and the kids and it was so awesome. We videoed the whole thing so i'm going to try and post it!

So for those who don't know... We are finally having a BOY!!! My girls are over the moon. All of them wore blue because they wanted it to be a boy so bad! Dustin is so excited too, but he's seriously so awesome. He said to me last night, "I don't want the girls to ever feel left out because I have a boy now, I'm still taking them fishing, hunting and quadding with me." I died. He's the best.

Only a few more months of this family pic with all girls!

 Team Blue!
(There would have been a lot of disappointed people if it was a girl!)

Team Pink! (had a few hopefuls)
 Diane and Paeden couldn't decide. (But really she just didn't want to be wrong)

 And go! 
Kyla's excitement is just too awesome in these, the twins were just trying to figure out how to work the stupid cans...

Excuse the blurriness. The silly string shot kind of everywhere including the camera...

These pictures make me so happy.  Thanks to Crystal for taking them!!

I was a little happy it was FINALLY out! 

 Facetime with Kristy, Britt, and Steph!

Talking to Greg and Shirley!

This is my favorite photo by far. 
(And remind me to never wear that shirt again...)

We couldn't be more happy!! And the amount of calls, texts, messages, comments etc from people is so overwhelming and we couldn't appreciate them more! We seriously know some awesome people and are so grateful for all the love and support we have. We are so lucky.

Here's to blogging again, making boys finally, and the happiest times in our lives!
Until next time! (Which won't be another year, promise. No really, I do.)


Christine Peterson said...

Great post! I think that shirt you wore is beautiful! It's nice that Jill is close by and you guys hang out so much. I think you should buy houses next to each other :)

kelsey said...

This made me cry, just remembering my own emotions all over again when I found out I was finally having a boy! It's so exciting, I'm thrilled for both of us! ha. Sometimes I freak out like I won't know what the heck to do with him, but I am too excited to stand it. I loved all the pics, it looks like so much fun and I love that your girls are all so happy. Congrats again and again!!!