Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's been a while!

This is probably a record for me for how long it's been since i've blogged last and I don't really have a good excuse why. We've been busy and it's summer so any chance we have to get out of the house, we do!
Oh well. Let's move on.
So i'm not sure if i've posted on what's been going on with Jayci. A few months ago she got sick with really bad tonsillitis. Her throat was almost shut and she had to go on steroids and antibiotics. A couple days after going off her antibiotics her throat swelled up again, this happened twice in a row. The third time he didn't give her antibiotics because obviously it's not good to be on that much in a row. So he sent her for an xray and I guess she has really bad swollen adenoids. He said when her throat was swollen you can hear her breathing in her throat when she's relaxed. Almost like a snoring sound. I mentioned that she's been doing that since she was a baby. When the twins were babies we would go in the room and check on them before we went to bed and we knew who was Jayci because she was "snoring". We thought it was funny but I mentioned this to the doctor and he wanted to send her to a specialist in Edmonton.
So two months went by and we hadn't heard anything from anyone about an appointment. So I was getting worried because her throat is almost shut all the time, and he said if it swells again to go to Emergency. So of course that worried me. So I called our family doctor and they said they had an appointment but didn't call me yet because it's so far away....as in next year. It was in January, ugh. So I got the specialists number and called myself. I left a message saying how I was worried it was getting worse and wanted to get her in sooner. So they called me right back and had a cancellation for August 8th, which was 10 days away! I took it.

So last week we headed down to Edmonton! We went for 3 days and had a lot of fun! We saw the specialist and they booked her for surgery to get her tonsils and adenoids out on November 2nd. Makes me a little nervous to have her put under and get it done but I know she needs it and she'll be so much better afterwards. So Dustin and I will take her down and she'll have to stay the night in the hospital afterwards and it'll be a 2 week recovery for her. I know it's a pretty common surgery but it still worries me. I normally never worry about stuff like this but for some reason when I think about it, I want to cry! I know she'll be fine, it's just the mom coming out in me. ;)

So we shopped forever of course! Got a ton of cute back to school clothes for the girls, took them to Galaxyland, and swam a lot in the hotel pool. It was busy but fun and the girls had a blast at Galaxyland!

Here are some pics from my phone first, then my camera. So they are all out of order and I don't really care.

Going swimming with the crazies!

This picture kills me. They had their mouths open the entire time, it was hilarious.

Chillin in the hotel.

This is Lakens new face when you say "Laken cheese!" She is such a nerd.

Kyla is a freak. She wanted to go on all the scary rides! This was her favorite one. I went on it with her and she'd been on it once with Dustin the last time we were there and LOVED it so this time I went. I screamed the whole time and she just laughed!! She's crazy. She also wanted to go on the mindbender (The huge rollercoaster) and drop of doom...

On the other hand....
Presley is on the left and when we were going, she says "mom my hands are really sweaty!" She was holding on for dear life and I told her to relax and sit up. Nope she didn't move the entire time. She was frozen solid hunched forward and not letting go of that bar. Hilarious.

Jayci at the specialist. She did awesome! This picture makes her look way too grown up!

Had to make a stop at the new Disney store. I don't know who was more excited about it, me or them. Definitely not Dustin though. All he sees are dollar signs... ha

My cute fam on the merry-go-round! (Laken Loved it!)

The train!

And this is what happens when you forget swimming diapers.
I didn't even know it exploded till I stripped her down. She was covered!

Now pictures from my camera...

Love this family of mine.


Cichy's said...

Your bathing suit is adorable! Cute pictures, fun to have some family time!! Your girls are beautiful!

kelsey said...

I love Laken's little grey and white suit. It's so darling. Looks like a fun weekend. Sorry about Jayci. That bites. No matter what it is, when our kids are sick, we're allowed to just cry for them.

The Harker Family said...

Ah what beautiful pics! Love the one of you and the babe in the hot tub! So precious! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time.