Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grade one!

Oh man. This week has been a little rough! Kyla started Grade one yesterday! I was an emotional wreck. I have NEVER been like this before with her starting school. But I think it's the thought of her gone ALL day and she's taking the bus with all the big kids, instead of a couple kindergarten kids. And grade one is the real deal! The night before I had to take her to her dance orientation thing and so we got home a little later. The other kids went to bed and I asked Kyla if she wanted to have a shower. She always just has a bath with Jayci and Presley but I know she's old enough now to shower on her own. She was excited and jumped in. I came downstairs with Dustin and broke down! I held it in for so long and couldn't do it anymore! Dustin kind of laughed at me and then hugged me. Dustin had to leave to a job and he told me to go up because he thought she'd need help out, so I grabbed a towel and went up. I went in and was talking to her and she's like, "why are you crying?" I said i'd tell her after she was out, and she says, "Is it because i'm getting big?" I kind of laughed and said yes. She then asked what I was doing, so I said I was gonna help her get out, she said, "I can do it by myself." So I said, "ok do you want me to leave the towel here then?". She said, "Yup!" and I turned around and walked out and lost it. That was when I realized how grown up she is. She was just my only child, my baby and now she is the oldest, the big sister and the big girl in full time school now!
I don't like how I can't protect her from mean people, or see what she is doing, and I hope she is always open with me if anything happens. I'm not worried about her making friends, she's just like her dad and has friends everywhere and not an enemy in the world. She's so patient and kind to others, she never judges and includes everyone. She stays away from people that she doesn't want to be around if they are using bad language or doing wrong things. I couldn't be happier with the person she is. It makes me feel like we've done something right.
I took her to school and held it in the whole time. I did so awesome! I came home and got a little teary eyed but I think I let it all out the night before, so that helped. ha. The twins start on Sept 10th and we'll see how that goes....
So here is Kyla's first day of GRADE ONE!!

In a big girl desk!

Laken just made herself comfortable

Emma is in her class again, yay!

And so are some of her other friends!

So that's her first day of school. I'm such a proud (emotional) mom!!


AKutarna said...

Aww you are such a good Mom! You almost made me cry reading that! I dread the day I have to send my girls to school as well.

Kelli Olsen said...

How is it possible that a 6 year old has way nicer hair then mine:) She is gorgeous. Letting go of my kids when they go to school for the first time is hard for me too. They just grow up way too fast.

The Evansons said...

I had to go through the same thing this week! It's horrible. You think at first having all of your kids close together is a great idea, then school starts and they're gone!! What will we do with ourselves?!?!