Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's in your bag?

I have had quite a few people ask me what make up I wear. First of all, i'm cheap. Or just Dustin is. Either way, I try to find the best of the cheaper make up and i'm slowly improving, when Dustin doesn't know... He is a cheapo!
I remember when we were first married he would say, "why do you need make up, it's not a necessity." Let's just say we only had that conversation a couple times, and i'm still wearing make up! That's right. I win. More on that in another post.

Here are a couple things I have in my current face routine.

1. Arbonne FC5 Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener. I actually really like this facewash and it's only around $20, I used to get break outs around my chin area but once I started using this stuff it went away. I have a combination skin and it doesn't dry out or  make my skin oily. So I really like this facewash. Oh and it's smooth and light and smells so fresh!

2. Mary Kay Timewise moisturizure. Yup to fight all my aging. Actually my sister in law had a Mary Kay party and this is what I ordered. It's what i'm using right now. I don't really have a favorite moisturizer because i'm always changing. I want something light and this one is actually nice. So it works for now. Oh and if you have one you love please tell me yours so I can check it out!

3. Arbonne FC5 Hydrating eye cream. I really like this eye cream. I notice when I use it, I think. I've been so tired lately with the girls waking up at 5am. Yes 5am. So this takes away the puffiness on me and I like it!

4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I would love to go get some MAC foundation but I don't live near a MAC and have no idea what i'd use. BUT I really like this stuff! It's light and airy and have just enough coverage. I have tried A LOT of foundations and so far this is my fav!

5. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. It takes away all the shine and lasts forever! If I use anything else I get that ugly oily shine after a couple of hours but this stuff lasts pretty much all day! I can't say enough how much I love this powder.

6. Annabelle Blush #44. Pretty basic, and cheap and it's just blush. I don't think you need to spend money on blush and I probably never will.

7. Covergirl Lash Blast. If you've used this, you know. It's awesome. I used dark brown, and sometimes black.

8. Arbonne Make up Brushes. LOVE these. I'm sure there are a lot of good brushed out there and this is my first "nice" set and I can't believe it took me so long to get a decent set. It makes such a difference to have good brushes.

9. Covergirl lipliner-nude. Great neutral color and I love using lipliner. I used to use darker colors and why didn't someone tell me how awful it looked? I LOVE the nude now and put it on very lightly and then use my favorite lipgloss. (see below)

10. MAC Lipglass- color "underage" (not pictured). I can't live without this stuff and I lost mine over Christmas and I am hating it! I would order one but i'm going to Edmonton soon and I don't like to pay for shipping, ever. So i'm using a stand in and it sucks. Good thing I only ever put on lipgloss for church or when I go out. Which isn't that often.

So that's it! Of course I use just a dark brown or black eyeliner and your basic brown eyeshadows. Which I think I have 6 different kinds right now because they no longer sell the set I used. Thanks Loreal. So I use random ones. I like Annabelle's eyeliner it's not soft and mushy and lasts all day. I have a ton of tips and tricks I use that I kind of made up for myself or have learned when it comes to make up and I will share these in another post. I will also be sharing my hair tips and tricks. Not that i'm a professional or anything of the sort. But I do have a love for hair and make up and thought i'd share what I do and have learned over the years. :)

Do you have any favorite make up products you can't live without? I'd love to hear them, i'm always up for trying new things!


ashley said...

Hey mindy!! Just in case you didn't know if you are a hair dresser, esthetcian, make up artist you can apply for a Mac pro card and get discounts on there makeup including online!! I have 40% off as a makeup artist I think you get 30% as a hair dresser! I think you said in a blog before you did hair!!!? Just a thought!! It saves me alot!


henline crew said...

My favorite is annabelle smudge liner eye liner in rich chocolate. Its like a mix between pencil and liquid. Its nice and soft and stays on all day. Its a little pricey for my taste, around $7.50-8.00 which is expensive to me, especially for an eye liner. I'm like you, I usually just go for the best cheap stuff. But this stuff is so worth it. I love it!!!!

henline crew said...

or maybe you already mentioned it! hahahha!!!

Janas Bananas said...

I love avon's glimmer stick eye liners, by far my favorite! when I run out I try other things and nothing is the same. And MAx factor calorie 2000..Can't buy it anymore except that is where I buy it, but nothing has ever been as awesome as that mascara for me so I bite the bullet and buy 3 at a time to stay stocked. Other then that I just buy basic stuff and I change it up all the time. I do like sephora though, anything I buy from there is always fun.

Amie said...

Same mascara! LOVE that stuff. I usually only use mascara, a bit of bronzer, and some blush.. For special occasions I will put on some eye liner and/or eye shadow. Boring I know!!

Nicole Morgan said...

Hey Mindy!

Check out

Apparently they are the same company that makes all the name brand stuff, but they sell their own line super cheap. I've tried their basic line and it's comparible to Wet n' Wild. Cheaper but still useable. Great for when you wanna try new colors but don't wanna fork over $10+

I follow them on Twitter to find out their promotions ans sales.

I sound like I work for them hahah jeez

Christine Peterson said...

Oh heck no, you didn't post about makeup. Caroline and I are MAC obsessed! Your friend is right, you can get a 30% discount, I believe the membership is $45/year

OK so I love MAC Studio Fix foundation, and the powder is MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural. All my eyeshadows are MAC and everything else. The only product I don't use that isn't MAC is my blush, which is NARS orgasm. Yup, hilarious, but the best colour hands down! OK so if you have 6 empty MAC containers that you return to the counter you get a free lipstick or at a MAC store a free eyeshadow. Here's the other thing. To start go in and ask for a sample, they will give you a little container of foundation or pigment eyeshadow or whatever for free. So do that first to see if you like it. If you saw my MAC stash you would know I'm obsessed!!! haha Love your post :)

Christine Peterson said...

Oh and sign up on their website, many times they have free shipping. So if you know what you want, it's great.

Life in the Fast Lane said...

For moisturizer, I have only used Clinique dramatically different lotion for the past 10+ years and I LOVE it! It's $31 but a bottle lasts me about a year! You can now get it in town at Shoppers, which makes me happy, I used to have to wait until I went to Etown or the Bay came up to zellers!

Francis Family said...

Thanks for all the tips! I have so much to check out now! This could be dangerous!

The Harker Family said...

Makeup, makeup, makeup! Love it! Okay so for all of my face cleansing stuff I use Clinique. I love it! I use the "Take the Day Off" eye makeup remover, the foaming cleanser (to wash my face). Once in a while I use the toners. Then, I use the Youth Surge dry skin moisturizer ($60 a bottle, but hey, I'm getting old and I have to now prevent the wrinkles! Ha!). I used to use the Dramatically Different Moisturizer, but I noticed as I got older it wasn't working as well and under my eyes I was starting to get creases (thanks to years of tanning) so I switched. I adore all of their products!

As for sister is right, we ADORE Mac. Let me tell you, once you go Mac you NEVER go back! Ha! There is such a HUGE difference in quality, AND yes, it is more expensive, but it lasts FOREVER compared to regular drugstore brand makeup because it is such good quality that you use way less. I use the Mac Studio Fix liquid foundation, and then on top of it I use the Mac Studio Fix powder. I also use the Mac blush (don't remember the colour). I use all the Mac eyeshadows (my favourites are Orb, Phloof, Haux, Satin Taupe, Quarry). I also love the Mac plush lash mascara (in black), and I love the technakohl eyeliner in black as well. As for lipstick and lipgloss, I love any of the Viva Glam colours. The only thing I use in my whole makeup collection that is not Mac is my lipliner (because they don't make mechanical lipliners, and I refuse to have to sharpen my lipliners). Oh and Mindy, I died laughing about the part of wearing darker lipliner....yup I totally used to do the same thing until a few years ago when my younger brother told me it looked terrible! Dang, why no one told me before, just like you, I don't freakin' know! Ha, ha, ha! Oh and I have to say I also ADORE the Mac makeup brushes. I have 13 of them. I bought them slowly over time....I try not to do the math of what they cost, because it will make me nauseated, but they are so worth it. I've had some of those brushes for 6 years and they are still like brand new! Definitely worth the investment. Start slowly and buy just a couple a year. Oh and we live so close to Calgary but I still order online (if you spend $50 and more it's free shipping). I promise if you try Mac you will realize it's totally worth it and in the long run you actually save money cuz it lasts way longer (my foundations last 6 months and my eyeshadows about 5 months). Mascara is every month though....Happy shopping girly!

Francis Family said...

Caroline, you are awesome. I'm trying all of it! Thanks!!
ps: you're hilarious.
I miss you.

The Harker Family said...

Miss ya too girly! Still waiting for you to move back to Okotoks!!!!!!!!! :-)