Sunday, February 19, 2012

These two

I have had a hard time accepting how big these two girls have gotten. I can't believe they will be 4 in May. 4!!
Let's talk a bit about them.
They are finally showing some differences that we notice. Most of them are Presley and things she does to stand out. She doesn't ever want to help clean up the messes and I have the hardest time getting her to do stuff. She always says "i'm tired!"
She loves nails. She'll come sit by me and grab my hand and start playing with my nails. She will stick her nail under mine, if that makes sense. It's so funny. She also does it with her sisters when they are sitting together, it's the funniest thing. She said one day, "I wish I could have long nails". cute.
She wakes up Laken. I caught her a few days in a row going in her room and waking her up. I got pretty mad at her one day for it and she started crying and said, "But I just love her." It was super cute so I felt bad and talked to her about why she needs to sleep.
She gets scared in the night sometimes and we hear her screaming in terror. Poor girl. She is on the top bunk and she says there are monsters. So i'll let her climb in bed with me for a few minutes until she is ok. It's kind of random and it's getting to be less and less so I think she is maybe getting out of it. The other day she told me she was scared because of Jayci's breathing. ha. I laughed so hard because Jayci has always had this deep loud breathing when she sleeps, almost a snore but not. I thought it was so funny. Kyla also went through a scared stage like this at the same age and she grew out of it. I know it's common in kids so hopefully she'll get passed it soon.
Anyways that's all I can think of that separates them right now, i'm sure there are more. But for the most part they are so much alike. It's crazy. I am trying to dress them differently and do their hair differently to tell them apart and keep them individual but it's funny how I automatically want them to look the same! When I was pregnant I swore I would never dress them alike! Then I totally changed when they were born. But that is the fun of twins right?!

They are the most well behaved, soft spoken girls. People tell me all the time how sweet they are and so quiet. They barely talk when other people are around, they aren't shy but they are just sweet quiet little girls. They have the cutest little girl voices and are so quiet when they talk, it'll be interesting to see how their personalities grow when they are in school. They do need to toughen up, they hate being dirty or if they get any "wet" on their hands or step in it, it's like the worlds ending. So i've been teaching them that getting dirty is fun! Today we made cookies and Jayci got flour all over her hands and she said, "look i'm dirty, it's fun!" ha. Improvement.
They rarely fight anymore, it's great! They get along so well and are the best of friends.

They LOVE to draw, like they could sit forever and draw. My grandma bought them these Barbie magna doodle type drawing things a couple years ago and I swear it's the best thing they have ever got given to them. They draw on them every day and those are the sturdiest things ever! They don't break! They are also so good at drawing. They have had a lot of practice though, remember this stage?! That was fun...

They love to bake. I've been in a baking/cooking mood lately and have been trying a ton of new recipes. I found some really good ones if you want them let me know! They are all easy and don't have weird ingredients. That's really important in my recipes, I don't like having to buy random things that I would never normally buy. Does that make sense? So anyways, they always love to help. Kyla too but I try to do more things with the twins when she is at school, so it's more individual time for them.

They love sunbeams! I am so glad I put them in separate classes. They love having their own thing to talk about. They haven't ever been separated in anything so i'm so glad I did it.
They are smart little girls and learn so much from Kyla. They know how to spell their names and can count to 20, which I never taught them. Kyla teaches them everything, and lately she likes to randomly make stuff up and teach them that. It's hilarious.

I can't believe they are in preschool in the fall. It's kind of overwhelming to think how fast this past year and a half went by with being pregnant and having Laken, you forget how fast the other kids grow up too! I've been trying really hard lately to be a "focused" mom and show each girl individual attention once a day and really build that relationship. I just forget things like that when i'm so busy with life and it's so important and makes a huge difference in so many ways.

Anyways that's all for today, I just felt like I needed to do a post on them because I can't get over how big they are getting.
You'll notice in these pictures they are little Kyla's in training. Hand on the hip, tilt the head and smile!


AKutarna said...

They are so so cute! I can't believe they are turing 4! I would love to have the recipes you are talking about..I'm always on the lookout for new ones (especially recipes that don't have weird ingredients!)

The Harker Family said...

What adorable little girls. I wish you still lived here as our girls are the same age- turning 4 in May. They would be the best of friends...I hope you move back! :-)