Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random stuff!

First off, Laken has the chicken pox. This is round 3 in our house and it's weird they all had it at different times. Actually it was 14 days apart that they caught it from each other and that's the time they say if you are exposed to it that you'll break out. It's been so minor but Laken isn't immunized and hers are more fluid filled and bigger.
Poor girl just squirms around from being itchy but she's still happy as can be! She did wake up a few times last night but she never cried. She also had a fever the first day and just wanted to be held and fell asleep on me, which she never does anymore! Hopefully they'll pass soon.

In other Laken news, check out what I did!!!

Can't see it? Look closer!

It's a tiny ponytail! She has this little tuft of hair on top so I tried it out in a little elastic, perfect!! So cute. The twins said she looks like a girl now. ha I'll probably keep it to a minimum because I don't want that hair to fall out! She has more hair than the twins did when they were 2! Yay!

Dust and I went out last night for Valentines day and he took me to The Vow. It was not as good as I thought it would be. It was kind of slow, but it was super romantic and cute. Probably a 7 out of 10 for me. Then we came back and had a cute night and ate snacks in bed and talked and it was great! I'm still going to do something for him on Tuesday, I just have to figure out what. Remember the amazing poem I wrote a couple years ago? ha.
But it was nice to get out and focus on "US". Honestly 4 little kids does damage to your relationship without even realizing it. All your energy goes to them and you get so busy with life that you kind of forget you're "married" sometimes. So we are going to make it more of a priority to focus on that more. I forgot how much fun we can have! I love that about us.We are both such crazy people. He is super friendly and patient and such a goof, and thinks everything in life is funny. I don't know how someone can always be so happy but he is and I love it. Well sometimes it's annoying...
I'm bipolar... According to Dustin. I just asked him what MY personality is, or what he would describe me as to someone and that's what he said.
So I asked him again and he said i'm in a hurry all the time. Seriously, I thought I was a little better than that.

Ok for real this time after me yelling at him, he said, "I'm smart (I totally am), silly".... And he sucks at this, he said personality is a big word and he doesn't know. 
He came up with daring, and not afraid to try stuff, patient, fun, honest.

WOW. That was torture. We obviously need to do some work here. ha

I wanted to also show you Kyla's Valentines I made her for her class! I love them! They were so easy too. I used a free template I downloaded from Oh So Posh Photography, (If you like them on facebook they have free downloads, I think there were 8 Valentines ones and so cute, there are a lot of photographers who have free downloads like this, it's great!) and so I just inserted her photo and added her name! I printed them off in 3.5x5's and I did 30 of them and it was only $4.50! That's cheaper than a $5 box of valentines. I was so glad they turned out and I LOVE this picture of her so i'm glad I got to use it!

I'm just getting ready to go to Portland in a couple weeks! With no kids! I'm driving down with my mom and Britt for 5 days. I'm doing Steph's engagement photos and we are going to do wedding stuff. I'm super excited!


Amie said...

Holy that sounds so fun to just have some time with your mom and sisters! hahahaha i love that you had to beat anything out of Dustin. I feel like I am always asking Michael to tell me how much he loves me, hahahaha. LOVE the valentines of Kyla. I seriously love that photo so much!

Brandon and Kristy said...

poor laken!! i love these pics though. I never get to see her so its so nice to see pics :) cant wait for you to come!!! so excited!!! yay!! and kylas valentines are so cute. i cant wait for stuff like that! love ya

A Smattering Lack of Eloquence said...

Super cute Valentine's! Much better than candy. Have you ever tried Voodoo donuts in Portland? Delish!

Francis Family said...

No I haven't but I will have to try them! Thanks!!