Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mindy undone

 Ok here I am! You asked for it!

I have no problem posting these pictures, I actually loved it, it was almost like my secret was coming out that i'm not ready all the time, or like ever.
A lot of people requested to see a picture of me without makeup in my daily outfit of sweats, dustins shirts and messy bun.
The first picture is me with no makeup.
The second and third are what I wear almost everyday and the second I walk in the door from anywhere. Leggings and legwarmers with a random shirt, or sweats and one of Dustin's shirts. (Could also be switched around for more variety.) And no makeup. (The orange shirt picture was taken 5 minutes ago actually.)
I always thought I was self conscious with no makeup on, but the more the days go on, the less I care and the more confident I feel in my own skin. 
I do love to get ready though. I love to do my hair and makeup. It's fun to me. Remember i'm a true girl at heart, I have a real love for make up and hair and CLOTHES. All of those combined make me happy. For those who don't know, I went to hair school. I would love to get into cosmetology one day. I'd also love to be a personal fashion coordinator for people! Fun huh? I have a lot of things i'd like to do.
Some days all I need is a little foundation and mascara but if i'm going specific places, I like to do my make up and hair. Not all out all the time, but it makes me feel better. Sometimes it's just simple make up and straightened hair.

 Oh the last picture is half makeup, right when I woke up. That means my one eye is all rubbed off and the other is half there if it can even be counted for that.



Picture credit to Kyla and the twins on my iphone.
Is everyone happy now? 


Carrie said...

I feel the same way. I LOVE to get all made up and in a cute outfit and go somewhere, but as the years go by I am more comfortable in my own skin with no makeup and comfy clothes on. Seriously who doesn't want to be comfy if they're just hanging at home with the kids???

Alison said...

Oh my gosh you look exactly like me at home! haha! Only I wear oversize sweatshirts cause I'm always freezing cold! Ryan is always laughing at me cause I'm always out to find the largest, ugliest comfiest sweaters to wear at home! I love to get glammed up too though with hair and make-up so I totally know what you mean. But when you're home, comfy is always BEST!
PS, you look way prettier than me without make-up! You could totally pull of the natural look. Not me, I just look dead without make-up! lol

AKutarna said...

Your "undone" look is my dressed up look haha

Amie said...

Oh you look awesome Mindy! I look a lot the same today!! :)

The Harker Family said...

Mindy you are GORGEOUS with and without makeup! Wow! You're a natural beauty! Oh and I'm the same way. I rarely get ready...except maybe Saturdays and Sundays...and I go around without makeup all the time and don't give a crap. Ha!

Distantly In Love said...

I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but I've been following you since last fall on and off. You have a gorgeous family and seems like its full of love and all those other good things families should have!! You look pretty with or without makeup. I was curious, what type of makeup do you use? Do you have any certain brands you love more?? I'm not sure if you guys have Sephora or Ulta up in Canada, but those are my go-to places down here in Maryland for makeup. Its like being in paradise when you walk through those doors!!! Anywho, thanks for showing, your blog is refreshing to read.